Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Colds

 Grr, I don't know why some pictures have to go and turn themselves sideways. Check out my very different looking but matching pair of shoes!! After the little girls leave today I will wash the older one so they will look like a matching pair. My left foot is FREE. The Dr is letting me go 1/2 days without the boot to see how things will go for two weeks. The night boot is still a must, but hey it's progress. Keeping up with the girls will be the real test today, however hubby is home to help chase them down.
 I did get in a little sewing time yesterday after taking Kara to the quick clinic. When Mommy tried to drop her off it was a NO way Josie for me. This baby is sick. It took the Dr. just a quick peek in her ears to see that her cold had turned into an ear infection. She is not in pain today but still a sick little girl. Karsyn is full of herself and ready to rock. This could get interesting. 
Our neighbor ladies brought us over a bottle of their first batch of Honey!!! Love the bottle and the name of their soon to "bee" business. Beech Hill Bees, is the name of our street.

Summer colds are making the rounds through the family, DD#2 and 3, hubby, Mason man, and Kara so far. Last nights supper was a can of Campbell's soup as that's all hubby was in the mood for, poor guy. I figure he will be napping today with the little girls, that is if I can ever get Karsyn to stay in her crib!!! As I sit here trying to get this post done I can hear her in the grands room playing with toys. She has once again climbed out of the crib. That girl is part monkey.

A full day is in store for us with the Grands today. Tomorrow is Birthday dinner for DD#1 at a Japanese restaurant, UGH!! The little ones make hubby and I both crazy at a restaurant. It's hard to keep the four of them sitting still for as long as it takes to put on one of the fancy knife shows, throwing of flames and all that jazz.

If I am still able to crawl my way to the sewing machine tonight I need to finish the "Pinwheel Halloween" quilt. Tyler saw it on Sunday and is calling each day to see if it's ready yet. Looks like he will be getting the first of the series, no surprise there. Karsyn just join me at the PC so I am off to play the in and out of crib game!! Ha


  1. Yay ! The boot only 1/2 day. Hope the others do not pass their Summer Cold onto you as you have more then enough on your plate. I am with Tyler, bring on the Halloween Pinwheels ! Happy crib hopping.

  2. I am so glad that the boot is off part time. Have a fun day with the grands and try to relax enough to enjoy dinner at the restaurant. xo Diana

  3. those summer colds are worse than the winter colds....

    Don't over do things with only having your boot on half a day,


  4. So glad you're making progress with your foot!! It amazes me though cause 10 to 1 you're not off of it as much as you shoud be... ;) I know. lol! I hope everyone s feeling better soon & the meal out tomorrow isn't too painful! ;)

  5. My sympathy...when kids are sick , you will hurt to the core for them. when men are sick it is worse. When you are sick....get up woman,what's wrong with you?:):) LOL
    Honey from the hood, how nice. I wish I could have a bee hive. Smiles and prayers for all, Susie

  6. 1/2 days with the boot is awesome news. I hope it works well for you.

    A child with a cold and an ear infection is not a good thing. Hope things went well.

    Did you have any energy left to spend a little time with your Halloween pinwheels? Oh, I hope so.

  7. Summer colds always seem to last longer don't you think? Blecch! Interesting about the Beech Hill Bees - I'm thinking about bee keeping when I retire.
    Congrats on getting out of the boot, even for half days! That is progress indeed!

  8. Wohoo, glad to see you wearing normal shoes again :) Does it feel weird? I think we get our first round of fall colds here too. I guess we are still getting used to colder nights:(