Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog Candy

First up for your blog candy pleasure is "Lovely" from Moda
Or maybe Pam Kitty Morning is more your style. I think this might be from her "Lake House" line

"Strawberry Fields" is always a hit.

The pillow tops are all straight line quilted. Is that what it's called?
Nice, another photo that loaded wrong :(  Here are the pillow covers all lined up just waiting for a new home.

Remember that tray of 2 1/2 squares I was cutting last week from the leftovers box? Those itty bitty scraps were transformed into granny square blocks. The blocks then became 14x14 pillow slip covers. I do love me some scraps and leftovers no matter if they are from the kitchen, scrap room, or sewing stash. Why not triple my pleasure by giving away all three as blog candy!! Follow along and I will tell you how to earn one for yourself. Yes you will have to work for a chance to win.

In times of stress I try to lose myself in work. Staying busy is one of my ways of coping when I reach the end of my emotional rope. My go too busy work is vacuuming. I know..... odd. Maybe it is the noise of the vacuum that shuts off my mind. Could be that the vacuum tracks left around the house gives me a visual of a clear clean path. There is a chance that it's just Pure Dee Crazy but it works for me. And of course prayer, always prayer.

I had planned on doing some blog candy this week with a Christmas theme but after the tragedy of the last few days something of comfort was more to my liking. A nice lap quilt would have been wonderful, but as blog candy? Dream on ladies!! Ha  A quilted pillow slip cover while not a full size quilt still seems warm and cozy to me. Once they are washed they will crinkle up just like a full size quilt which for me is when the real magic begins.  

To get your name in the drawing you have to do two things.
1.) Decide which slipcover you would like best
2.) Share with the rest of us in the comments section what you do to help relive stress in your life. Nothing is too silly, nothing is too small.
That's it!! You have until Tuesday of this week to get your comments in.

Sew if you are looking for a cost cutting gift that takes very liitle time let me share with you where I got the idea for the pillow cases. First off the Granny Square tutorial came from "Blue Elephant Stitches" You will need to scroll down a little to get to the correct tutorial. The pillow case tutorial is from "Buzzing and Bumbling"  I added some borders to the granny square blocks then finished up using the pillow case tutorial. The cost was ZERO, everything came from my scraps. If I were giving this as a gift I would include the pillow form, but for blog candy the pillow case will have to do.

Good luck to you all!!!!


  1. Ohhh... LOVE!!! The pink one with cherries is my favourite!!

    To relieve stress, worry, angst... I read my Bible. :)

  2. Strawberry Fields is my favourite.

    To relieve stress I read a book, or eat chocolate.....actually eating chocolate should probably be first on the list!!!!

    If you have time pop by my blog tomorrow as I have a quilting question on it......please,


  3. I love the strawberry fields! Stress relief - read a book while listening to my favorite play list

  4. I do so love the 3rd one, Debby, with the Green/Reds.

    Summer Stress Reliever: Gardening
    Winter Stress Reliever: Housework
    In-Between Stress Reliever: Outside with my Aussies

    If all the above fails, phone my Sister! xx

  5. I love the third one the most but all of them are adorable :) For stress relief I turn to Scriptures, chocolate or just a good book (hiding in a bathroom). A punching "bag" is an occasional stress relief for me too :0)

  6. Hi, I love the "strawberry fields" pillow! So cheery and bright...For stress relief, I take a nice long bath with some music on. That way, after I "chill out" for a while, I feel refreshed even if my mind isn't completely. I always feel better too, with a call to my Mom or Daughter. Nothing like a little "family love"!

  7. I really like the first one!
    My stress reliever is to iron all my laundry :)

  8. Just love the Pam Kitty pillow. Thank you for taking the time to make some blog candy. I like to bake when I'm stressed.

  9. Hi Debby- so pretty! but don't enter me, I would feel greedy after you made that beautiful Thankful banner for me.

  10. I love all 3!! The first is my favorite! You always do such pretty work!!

    I am a HUGE stress eater! :(. I am also a stress cleaner. I love scrubbing the toilets when stressed! I know, yuck! But something about a shiny white toilet makes me feel better.

  11. I'm back - school's been just crazy. Missed you. Glad to see you are fine and busy as ever xx

  12. I like all three but would pick Strawberry Fields. I enjoy your blog. I too am a stress eater but then I get busy.