Saturday, December 22, 2012

January Challenge

Is anyone else ready to get back to normal yet! Hubby and I have one last day of shopping mostly to pick up GC's then we are DONE. As always we have gone over budget this Christmas. Our Christmas/vacation account didn't go as far as I would have hoped it would so we are digging into the regular paycheck to finish. Dog gone it.

While out and about I have been crunching numbers in my head regarding the budget for 2013. We will be having increases in our insurance premiums, Health savings plan contribution, property taxes, and maybe fed income tax. Did the salary go up? Of course not. We also need to bump up our Christmas/vacation account and have some work done around the house. Hubby has rented a house up North for a year. This will be much nicer than being stuck in a motel day in and day out as well as a money saving move but we are playing catch up with his company on the money side of things. Hubby STINKS when it comes to paperwork.  I need to get my financial act together and get things set up so hubby can get on track.

As far as decluttering there are a few areas in need of some work. Our desk and files will come first. Time to get ready for the dreaded income tax filing. The attic is a tea total disaster, if I can stand the cold up there it too will be getting some TLC. The sewing room has piles of UFO's that need to be finished.

A big thanks to Carla for getting this challenge going. Anyone else want to join in? Head over to Carla's and link up. Together we can start the New Year off right. I am using my baby laptop for this post, if the link up didn't work right (most of the time) Carla's blog is on the right side of my blog, "1/2 Dozen Daily"

Off to the races, I still have one more quilt to quilt before the big day that isn't even pinned yet, YIKES!!  Hubby will be in charge of most of the wrapping. After all he is the one who wanted to wait till the last minute to wrap.

Hope I can find the time to post later today to share the minky pillow cases I finished for the DD's. They turned out sew nice.


  1. Thanks for joining in, Debby! That's always the way isn't it... everything goes UP, except the paychecks! We're dealing with that as well. Ugh!! Can't wait to see the minky pillow cases! I have a few little sewn items to post as well, but first, the dentist. :(

    Ps - Have I told you how glad I am that I can see photo's on your blog again.. I was so sad missing out on all your creations! Really, your biggest fan should have 24/7 access right!? lol!

  2. Aww, thanks Carla!! I am sooo ready for this challenge

  3. I'm so excited that we are all trying to start this year right and challenge ourselves :) I dread a tax period too but then it means that spring will be here soon, right? :)