Friday, December 7, 2012


The last of the Wise Men are done!! Lots of detail on this guy that doesn't show up in the photo.
Tonight Camels are in the hoop!! I might just make my goal of Monday morning mailing after all.

Close, Oh sew close to finishing up the Nativity sets I can finally see the end of the road! I have Kara tomorrow followed up with sitting for DD#1's three little ones tomorrow night so I need to put the medal to the sewing machine peddle to get this completed!!

I worked up the cost of the Nativity sets since I know my girls will have friends who will be wanting a set. SHOCKED is all I can say over the price. Not believing what I had figured I called two different quilt shops in our area to go over my numbers. Sure enough I was correct, holy cow. I could never charge the suggested price, I need to come up with something different that would be fair to myself and whoever would won't a set. Maybe I will get a simple Sunday in to play around with the numbers.

Nothing new around our place, just sewing and more sewing.....


  1. My goodness- You ARE going to get all those sets done. You have been sewing up a storm. xo Diana

  2. they are gorgeous, just getting people to pay the fair value of them is hard.