Monday, December 31, 2012

A Boy Becomes a Man

Hubby finally went into the office today. Ahhh, a day to myself. First off get the tree into the yard waste bin before the garbage runs, then off on errands. Hubby called on my cell phone that I normally never have with me wanting to meet for a late breakfast (this man of mine) Sure, call me when you get close to home. So I wouldn't miss hubby's call back I put the phone in my back pocket. After dragging the tree to the bin and taking it to the curb I headed back in the house. GRRR the back door locked itself behind me. Locked out of the house with no keys. Then I remembered I still had the cell phone in my pocket. Hubby answered on the first ring. No problem I will be home in 30 minutes or so. Nice but it's 30 degrees outside, I have no coat, and of course I am wearing a short sleeve tee because I am always hot in the house. Woohoo the kitchen window is open, I'll just shimmy on up to that window and get on with my day. All I can say is it wasn't a pretty sight but I did make it in with no broken bones. Note to self, get a key made and hide someplace outside our home as the back door has a mind of it's own and will lock its self for no reason other than to mess with me.
After getting the errands done hubby picked Tyler up for a day of Nanny/Papaw time with no babies!! Rare event these days. Tyler loves to make cookies, I knew there would be some cookie baking. He also likes to roll dough, since we were out of noodles the timing was perfect. It didn't work out as planed :(
Nanny "Ty boy it's time to roll noodle dough"
Tyler "Na, call me when the soup is done"
Nanny "But Tyler you love to roll out dough"
Tyler "I'm busy right now. By the way will you make a pot of soup for me to take home to my family?"
This conversation is going on while he and Papaw worked on their design for an amusement park using Lincoln Logs. My sweet Ty boy is now a man!!!

Two batches of noodles went into chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. Six more batches are dried, bagged and in the freezer for later use. The men, short and tall arrived into the kitchen just as the first batch of M&M cookies came out of the oven. Yep, Tyler is learning from an expert what a real man's responsibilities are around the house!! Ha

The Men are watching the new "Ice Age" movie that Papaw received from Santa this year. Tyler wants to head home before midnight so he can celebrate the New Year with Mommy and Daddy. You can bet we will honor that request!! This boy turned man has a bedtime of 8:00PM. Who is he kidding. Before I jumped on the PC he wanted to know if I could whip up some homemade ice cream for the movie. No, Nanny is ready to get off her feet!! Ha

Our New Years dinner has been prepared so I can have a little down time tomorrow before the troops arrive. I usually do a traditional New Years huge meal but we are all tired of the traditional holiday food. The big kiddo's each got to put in a request of what they would like. Here is the menu
Eastern BBQ - Hubby and Tyler picked that up for me
Potato soup - Can't get much easier than that
Chicken noodle soup - Yep, we have leftovers from tonight
Boiled shrimp - They are in luck, it was on sale for $10.99 a pound at the grocery today. already cooked, shelled and de-vained
Chocolate layer desert - In the fridge to set up over night.
Odd, very odd but what the heck everyone will be happy to start the New Year off right.

Hubby and I have big plans for our New Years Eve celebration. We will stop off at Barnes and Nobles after we deliver Tyler home. I received two great books for Christmas, I know that they are great as I have already read them. We also both received GC for Christmas, I have a list of books I would like, hopefully they will have them in stock! We also have a GC to Starbucks which is conveniently located in Barnes and Noble, Caramel apple cider we are on our way.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!!!


  1. We are having a quiet new years eve. I am glad you got back in but WHY was the window open when it is so cold?

    1. Ha, Hot Flashes Rhonda!! For once they were a blessing

    2. Ha Ha! I have hot flashes but I guess mine are mild, thankfully!

  2. Hi Debby

    Glad you got in again. Sounds as though everything very highly organised. Out of curiousity how do you make the noodles please? Sounds as though would be ideal for some of my home made soups.

    Hope your New Year was everything you hoped for and Happy New Year from me.