Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Courage

Check out the lace I am working on using the embroidery machine. How cool is this! I have been wanting to give this a try for a long time. Now that the gifts are in the mail its time for some fun playing around. If all goes well this should eventually become a free standing lace Church.

I finished up Mary Hunts new book "Debt-Proof Your Christmas". Thanks for sharing your book review Carla, I always love something new and good to read. Here is a tip. I downloaded the book to my Nook, not such a good idea. At the end of each chapter there are tips and tricks from some of Mary Hunts followers that I couldn't read on the Nook due to the font :(

Much of the book for me was preaching to the choir however it was still enjoyable. Sometimes we can all get a little dusty with our saving and smart shopping, this book will help you get back on track. One of the things I was really excited about was her reference to the courage it takes to get Christmas back where is should be. This was a Duh Hu Ding Dong deal for me!!! I never thought about the word courage when I wrestle with others over what we will or will not do at Christmas. I am sure many of you have been labeled with these same words:
Party Pooper
Finally a word that fits what our family is trying too achieve at Christmas. The COURAGE to keep Christmas full of wonder and joy but kick the, out of control spending, senseless parties, over rated must do's to the curb.
Here are some things we do that have taken courage over the years to keep Christmas what it really should be for our family.
Say no thanks to so many parties
Gift giving within our budget, no matter the others wallet size
Willing to cut the Christmas gift list when the time is right
Proud to give handmade
Give family gifts instead of individual gifts
Share ideas with others where they might want to make charitable contributions
I can't do it all
Give up traditions that no longer fit our lifestyle
Sorry eating out this month doesn't fit in our budget
Suggest exchanging names and sticking to it

Now when others ridicule or push for us to do this or that I will know that saying NO is my Christmas Courage flexing its muscles!! How cool is that. What have you said no to or changed for your family over the years to keep Christmas comings and goings in check? Share with the rest of us, we can all use more Christmas Courage!!!


  1. We have changed a lot of what we do/give over the years and have been blessed for it. I have seen people that go so far beyond their means so their kids can have a "wonderful Christmas" that they end up in deep debt in the new year. Crazy- xo Diana

    1. I know what you mean, I don't understand why people would use credit cards for Christmas!

  2. LOVE your Christmas Courage ! it is only right to stay within your means, have fun and not be bullied into going into debt "just because" it is Christmas. That Lace is really cool ! I just won the "turning your finances around book in 4 weeks" from Carla's blog. Can't wait to check it out then gift it to my son :).

    1. I missed that post of Carla's I will have to check the book out!!

  3. Yes, I like that word too. I read Mary's book over the Thanksgiving holidays to refresh my memory as to not overdue it. Several years ago I decided to downsize Christmas, and make it more reasonable for me (the self designated Christmas fairy). My kids now draw names with each other, and I've done a WANT/NEED/WEAR/READ Christmas gift for each of them. Works out beautifully and doesn't stress me out.

    My Mom simplified Christmas several years ago by just writing everyone a check. I'm not crazy about that idea, as it feels like she's paying a bill, and we are the recipients. But, anyway, I will probably do the same some day too.

    By the way, the lace is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thanks Sharon!! We have cut back over the years as we use to way overdo Christmas gift giving but we really should cut back more our kids don't need so darn much!

  4. Oh, this is stunning! You are so talented! I keep thinking about checking this book from a library but just don't have time. Maybe, next Christmas :)

    1. Thanks Lena, it's not my talent but a heck of a great machine!! Ha

  5. I can't wait to see the finished product. I loved the book as well.


    1. Thanks Gill, I have all the peices done now just trying to figure out how the heck to put it together!! Ha

  6. The embroidery is just beautiful, Debby!! Wow!! :) Love the book as well, definitely a keeper!