Sunday, December 16, 2012


Two chairs for some sweet little girls are complete. I bought the pattern from this site. Super easy, and inexpensive to make
A peek at some blog candy I have been working on today

I don't know when I will be able to turn the TV back on. I can't continue to watch and hear the details of the horror done to these children and teachers. The newspaper is in the trash, the radio is silent. It is all just too much

I had a list of Christmas doings a mile long today. How could I possibly work on anything festive and happy...Instead I tried to lose myself in some sewing, lots of crying, and prayer.

Our DD's are devastated. Not only are they Mommy's but two of them are teachers. All I can tell them is to turn off the TV, shut out all the media that feels it must give information that no parent should ever hear.

Tomorrow we will be blessed to have Sunday dinner together. We will work with the grands to decorate their gingerbread houses. I will try so hard not to cry when I look at their sweet little faces knowing others will never have that chance again.


  1. Cute chairs for two cutie girls. Yay Blog Candy ! Debby I do not watch the news, have not been one to ever watch the news ... I find it too emotional as hearing about it is quite enough at times . I might be lucky to spend a few stolen hours with my hubby hopefully today ;)

  2. Yes Debbie, I completely agree with you about the tragedy.Its hard to look at your own little ones without thinking how life is going to be for those poor families without their children. Christmas will never be the same again.

  3. The chairs are adorable, I have bookmarked the site and may try making some for my grands next year, I have been watching alot of movies, I do flip the news on about mid stream to catch the weather and sports, but it is hard.

    Enjoy your day today with family

  4. Your chairs are darling! I hear you-I have turned the news off this weekend- I can't bear any more- can you IMAGINE what those families are going through? xo Diana

  5. Why can I not see your photos?? :( Bummer!!

    I agree, Debby... they are in my thoughts & prayers, but I'm guarding my little ones from hearing about it... in time they will hear of the evils of this world, but for now I'm letting them be children.

  6. When my daughter texted me Friday to tell me she loved me I knew something had happened but I didn't know what until I got in the car to come home from school and heard the news on my car radio. Devastating news...I still can't quite believe it. I'm with you, I just can't stand to listen to the details...God bless.

  7. I have two teachers too. Very scary times we are living in.