Sunday, September 8, 2013

$20.00 Shower Gift

 How sweet is this invitation? The Mother of the Bride is an incredible scrapbook/card creator and all things cute. My "Go To" Bridal shower gift for many years has been a recipe scrapbook loaded with recipes pages from the bride and grooms family and friends. Always a big hit! While taking with my friend (the mother of the bride) she shared that she was working on a scrapbook cookbook for her DD. Well now, what to do? Our girls and their friends have really enjoyed the table runners I have been making all from my scrap stash hummm. Why not make table runner's for the Bride to be for each season. After running the idea by our DD's I got busy pulling scraps together for the past few months to complete my gift with a budget in mind.
 Valentine's Day
 St Patrick's Day
 Easter Carrot
 Splash of sunshine for summer
 4th of July
 Halloween, spent $9.95 for this pattern. First of the spending
 Last but not least Christmas
 DD#1 found this idea on Pintrest. Everything was tucked into this box with a poem about each season attached to the lid
No need to wrap as the box was cute enough on it's own. This box was the last of the spending. I found it for $9.95 at a local store.

Sew what do you think? The Bride To Be was thrilled to have something special for her table for each season of the year. YAAAA!!

I wasn't trying to save money on this gift it just worked out that way. I started with a plan, and of course a list. I love me a list. I knew I wanted to make her something for each of the major holiday's but before I went shopping I shopped from home. One by one they began coming together during the year. That is until Halloween, I was stumped. I had lots of Halloween scraps but no idea's for a pattern. Don't you know I ran into the perfect pattern one day while at the fabric store, BINGO!!! Tucking it all in the box idea DD shared with me was the perfect finishing touch for this gift.

I think I might just have my new "Go To" gift for extra special Brides. Sew fun to make, such a frugal gift, and truly made from the heart.

If you are like me in that I like to make our gifts partly to save some cash but mainly to give something of yourself but have people on your gift list that might not appreciate all the love and hard work you put into it give this a try. When making your list of hand made gifts try sticking to a holiday theme for people who might not want something hand made around their home. Giving a holiday themed gift it gets your gift receiver off the hook of having something they don't really enjoy on a day to day basis. By sticking to holiday themed things the receiver can pack up your creation with her/his holiday decorations to enjoy only once a year a win/win for you both.


  1. How wonderful!!! And birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, any time of year gifts. I gave my mom a box of seasonal mini flags for her yard one year and she enjoyed them. But THIS tops it all! :))

  2. I think that is wonderful. Last year I gave my nieces who moved from college to their own apartments coasters for each season. may have to expand on this to the table runner one. or table topper and coasters.