Monday, September 2, 2013

"Cake Walk Week" Two and a BIG DIY

 Sew here it is week two of my "Cake Walk" Challenge/Sew along. If you would like to join in here are the VERY lose rules from week one's post. I don't want the designer Lori Holt to get lost in all the chit chat!! If you like/love this pattern as much as I do go ahead and order one for yourself it's perfect for some winter sewing fun. I have my eye on a few more patterns in her line, soon, very soon.
As I shared last week I am using ONLY scraps and fabric stash for this quilt. For a change I am making very few changes to the pattern!! Ha I decided I wanted to do a few different things for the cake topping's The candle on this one would have worked a lot better had I not used braid for the frosting :(  Lori included three topping templates in her pattern but....I pulled out my Cricut to cut a few more different ones. I tell ya that Cricut has turned out to be a very versatile tool in my creative endeavors over the years
 Second block of the week is not complete. I planed on finishing it up this morning but...It was time to get busy on the powder room.
 Let the spending and HARD work begin. A few tiny deals were to be had. Got a free towel ring if you bought a new faucet. Works for me, both were on my list. $5.00 rebate on each gallon of paint. $10.00 will be in my pocket in 4-6 weeks
 This was my inspiration piece, I had thought I would use this single panel drape to make a throw rug, lamp shade and maybe trim some hand towels. Still thinking that over, I might just return it and get my $25.97 back. The new wall paint will match the lightest grey in this fabric.
 Now the hard work begins. Lots and lots of hand sanding on the vanity.
 I almost had a heart attack when I walked back in the kitchen to see all this paint on the floor!!!! It was nothing more than dried up paint from the painting tarp I was reusing. WHEEEE
 Two coats of primer on the vanity and mirror frame, moving on to prime the walls.
 Hubby had called after I had finished sanding the vanity to tell me where he had his palm sander in the garage. "Honey use that, no need to wear yourself out sanding" THANK goodness I noticed the frayed cord before I plugged the durn thing in!!! Wonder if he intended on killing me?
 All the walls, vanity, and mirror are primed. I was HOT, HOT,  HOT. No central AC downstairs remember?
 Drawers and doors have taken over the kitchen. They too are now primed and for the most part painted with a first coat.
 How can remodeling one room turn the whole house upside down. AJ the beagle is none to happy with me.
2nd and what I hope to be last coat of paint on the vanity and mirror frame. DD#1 has offered to paint the walls for me tomorrow so I can have some play time with Mason man.
What a way to start the week! I so want to complete this room in the next 3 days but I will have to have help from the SIL's to remove the counter on the vanity and install the new one along with all the plumbing. Toilet will also be replaced along with the light fixture all of which are over my pay grade! Ha
First thing in the morning I will hit the home improvement store yet again for the wall paint, vanity hardware, light fixture, and vanity counter. Money, money, money!! I had thought all of the painting would be complete by tomorrow but now the trim and crown molding is looking  shabby so looks like more painting will be needed. Isn't that always the way it goes?
I hope to repurpose the frames and picture's with some paint, maybe new backgrounds or mat's as well. Rug and towels I'm still up in the air with. I need to see if I can find something on sale around town when I have the time as I don't think I want to take on much more for now. The hardware is crazy expensive, we need 8 handles and 4 hinges. I have some picked out but I want to price check one additional store just in case I can find a lower price. DD#1 and I were shocked to see some handles cost as much as $54.00 each!!! who in the world would spend that much. As it is we are looking at close to $5.00@ which to me seems high :(
Off for the night to shower, need to wash off the sweat and paint before I hit the sack. AJ the beagle doesn't like a stinky Mom. Dear Lord please let my body still be able to move tomorrow, so much more to do!!


  1. One thing leads to ten... it looks really nice so far! Will be interested to see how you make a rug from a sheet- braid? Rest well and eat out! Angela

    1. You know me too well! I did eat out last night, corn dog, fries, along with a hot fudge sundie. Gotta keep up my strength

  2. have I told you how much I LOVE that pattern.

    I am posting daughter and son-in-laws powder room reno next week. Must be powder room/bathroom season?

    1. Thanks Gill, it is sew easy to do! From the looks of Lowes store the entire state is painting, what a line.