Sunday, September 8, 2013

Road Trip

 This shower cake tasted as good as it looks.
 Piles and piles of perfect gifts. Everyone knew the bride so well. The majority of the gifts were for the kitchen! Ha She was thrilled, wonder if her Mom will fight her for some of the shinny new kitchen must haves! HA
 Pretty tables for everyone to sit and visit after a tasty southern lunch.
 Mother of the bride made a set of 4 tile coasters for each guest along with a home made cookie tucked in a beautiful hand made envelope
 Mom also made the Cupcake center pieces for each table.
A delicious true Low Country lunch. I tried shrimp and grits for the first time ever after hearing the other ladies rave that they were the best ever to have passed their lips. I am just not a shrimp and grits girl, everything else, out of this world!!

AJ and I are lounging in the motel room for one last morning, I am not ready to go home!! It's been a long time since I have traveled with my furry little friend, she has been sweet as pie but... Running in and out to potty is a pain. Most of the time she didn't really need to potty but the urge to be a typical hound dog and smell ever square inch of the property took over her good manners.

Spending time with a friend for life and her family, celebrating a young woman's upcoming wedding, and meeting so many ladies I have heard about over the years has been just what I needed to lift my spirits after this VERY stressful summer. How cool is it that in a room full of ladies (40-50?) you have never meet before you feel like you are with friends. Women are really amazing. Sharing the beginning of a couples journey unto "Until death to we part" with like minded people was so heart warming.

Back to the real world now with more must do's than there are hours in the day, nothing new with that right! Ha

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  1. Looks like a fun and pretty trip
    I really like the cupcake centerpiece. You cant eat flower centerpiecee.