Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day Three Powder Room

Before I got all hot and nasty working on the powder room this morning I made a quick trip to the fabric store for some decorating sewing supplies
 I needed/wanted some new hand towels for the bath. This set from Pottery Barn caught my eye, simple, homey, and cute. Hummm, Ticking isn't very expensive. I do have a sewing machine and I don't mind using it. Monogramming, no problem I can do that at home as well.
 In no time at all I had the first hand towel was completed. I have lots more of this fabric to use for 3 additional towels and what I hope to be a happy surprise that I didn't have time to finish. Grand total $12.27 for four hand towels, and a little something else that just might be cute as all get out. Taking time to sit at the sewing machine priceless! Ha Not sure if I want a monogram on the towels or not, what do you think?
 This afternoon Kara and her Daddy got busy installing the new faucet. I must say having a plumber in the family is mighty handy!!
 Kara was pretty happy with the progress
 FYI counter tops are HEAVY!!!! Removing the original counter top took more hours than I want to remember , lots of elbow grease, and a few not so lady like words. Once SIL arrived today we still had to bring out the crow bar to pry the thing off. It took DD#3, myself and SIL to finally  remove the old top. Was it worth all of that work?  By golly I believe it was. I love the clean lines of this counter and the square sink.
Slowly but surely it's beginning to come together. I went with a off the shelf counter to save money. Our vanity is of course like everything else around here 23 years old. I couldn't find anything that would be a perfect fit unless I had a custom counter made. This counter has a 3 inch over hang instead of what should be only one inch. I can live with the extra 2 inches since it saved us HUNDREDS of dollars.

I won't be meeting my goal of finishing the powder room today but at least the hard part is out of the way. In the morning I will be able to do some touch up work then get the paint cans off the kitchen counters before the little girls arrive. The cabinet doors are still a little sticky so I am going to wait an additional day before I reinstalling them. Here is whats left on the To Do list

Replace the toilet -SIL
Install new electrical reciprocals - have to wait for Hubby
Install new light fixture - Also for hubby
Repurpose the picture frames/mats - me, who knows when
Install toilet paper holder - me, maybe tomorrow
Install new hand towel ring - me maybe tomorrow
Finish hand towels - who knows
Finish what I hope to be cute project - FOR sure tomorrow
Make wall art with the grands - Sunday dinner one weekend
AND added to the list
Install a back splash! grrrr - Who the heck knows, need some u tube time

As is always the case when you start an update/remodel project something unplanned always pops up. Of course those pop ups cost money. The new bath counter doesn't have a back splash. I could just putty, sand, putty some more and keep sanding until I repair where the old back splash was but I know in no time at all the walls would be in a mess. Our powder room takes a lickin for sure. It's the only bathroom on the first floor, yep it gets lots of action. Of course our grands are no different than any other little ones in that they lose their collective minds as soon as water starts running. I haven't started checking the price of tiles, mud, grout and whatever else will be needed.

 We are going to be OVER budget :( There is no turning back, nothing to do but plow forward. For a change I am not freaking out by being over budget. We need to do any remodeling, repairs and all before hubby retires, this is one more step towards that goal. By doing the work ourselves while we can still get around (sorta) we are saving a whole lot of money. I think by the first of next week the spending will be done and I will be able to share the numbers.

Off for now, I need to do a clean sweep before bed to make sure I have all of the tools cleaned up and whatever else the little girls might want to get into tomorrow tucked away.


  1. I love it! The overhang looks more than fine, it looks like you planned it that way. Nothing wrong with a little extra counter space. The towels are fabulous! Have fun finishing up.

  2. It's really getting there, Debby. Love your towels and I bet you will be glad when it is all done- xo Diana

  3. It's coming together and it's looking great! Good job!The counter is fine. I betcha no one is going to know but you and us!!!!your visitors won't know the difference.

    And it's good your getting all your re-modeling done now before your hubby is retired. So both of you can sit back and enjoy all the work you put into it!! Thumbs up to you Debby!!!!

    Oh!!!! And what a memory maker this is for the grandkids!! They just might be old enough to remember some of this years from now!!It's great you all can enjoy this whole process!!!!

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