Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 6 Powder Room

 This had BETTER be the last of the spending in the powder room!!!!! I way underestimated the cost of a new toilet :( Hubby and I both agreed it was best to purchase a 19 incher for our older years, he wanted a full old fashion round bowl, I just wanted a good price. Even on sale the cost was $233.00 UGH. SIL #2 is saving us an additional $125.00 by doing the installation, he works for food and beer.
 I have bought THREE sets of door hinges for the cabinets, not a one would fit. Enough of this running around and returns. I took the doors into the store today to get professional help.  It seems to always be something...end result... they no longer make hinges for solid wood doors as thick as ours. Solution, they will have to be special ordered. My solution, polished chrome spray paint.
I did make a bit of progress today in that I got the tile and border up. Directions say I can grout in 24 hours but in this heat downstairs I am thinking 48 hours would be best.

My dreams of a three day $600.00 powder room remodel are long gone. Doing all this work with the central air on the brink was just plan DUMB!!!! Not only has the heat slowed down the drying process each step of the way, sucked the energy out of my body it has also left me grouchy each night. I hate being grouchy!! But I am oh so close to calling it complete.

I have had a very spendy day. At 8:00AM the first check was written for the new heat pumps $8,000.00 gulp. New toilet $233.00.sigh Then took DD#1 and Mason man out for her birthday breakfast, that was at least cheap. DD then ask if I would go take a look at a new kitchen table they are considering, sure, after all it's her BD. Little did I know it was the kiss of death.

After kicking around the color and finish on the table and chairs she will be purchasing we made the mistake of wandering around the showroom. Long story short I bought a new couch for the family room. What the heck, since the couch was on sale and I need a new chair for ME in the family room I figured I would just go for broke and get them both. Holy cow. The chair and ottoman cost more than the couch. What the heck? The sales lady then told me the couch was the only thing on sale. OK then the couch alone will be all I need thank you very much. Yep it has been a very expensive day.

SIL#2 came by after work to install the new toilet but with the temperature INSIDE the house at 85 degrees I sent him on his way but not before we loaded our old couch into his truck for their home. Do you have any idea what a 119 inch couch weights? TOO DARN MUCH!!! How exciting you must be thinking right? NOOOOO After removing the old sofa I realized it had left a mark along the wall where it has been for years. Holy cow we are (me) will have to be painting the family room.  That will  be put off for who knows how long as I can't and won't start anything else until the powder room is complete and the central air is on!!!

My house is a mess, so many unfinished projects setting around making me nuts. Tomorrow the carpet cleaners will arrive in the AM, in the afternoon the new sofa should be delivered. Lets see if anybody is on time or will even show up.


  1. Well, it is moving right along, Debby. I imagine you will be glad to finish up at some point. Can't wait to see your new couch! xo Diana

  2. It's looking great already, I can't wait to see the finished project :)