Sunday, September 29, 2013

Non Traditional Sunday Dinner/Challenge Update

 Sunday dinner for the next few weeks will be a little different as our Tyler has started Peewee football with his games being on Sunday afternoon. Today I decided to make a "To Go" meal as I knew the big and little kiddo's would need to get home to prepare for Monday morning.
 I did a bit of "Making Do" with the desert recipe as I didn't have apple cider or concentrated apple juice. The "Mott's for Tot's" juice worked just fine.
 After speaking to the DD's this morning we all decided a big old pot of chicken noodle soup would hit the spot. I love noodle making season!!
 What do you think about this apple upside down cake! It is just as yummy to eat as it looks. Check out the recipe here
 After I had dinner ready "To Go" we spent the afternoon watching these new recruits learning the rules of the pig skin. The little girls were so cute cheering Tyler on. BTW they do keep score, maybe its a southern thing but the kids know there are winners and losers. There is learning on both ends of the score board.
SIL #1 is Tyler's flag football coach this season. SIL#1 was a tight end in College then went on to coaching/teaching before leaving for the corporate world. It's so cute to see this big guy working with such little boys. He was wonderful of course!!!!

OH football season how we love thee!! Saturday was spent watching the SEC teams beat each other up as always, Roll Tide. A beautiful fall Sunday afternoon enjoying families cheer on little boys with big dreams. Sitting this evening with AJ the beagle while the doors and windows are wide open, there is no where else I would rather be.

We still have two more days to go before The Pantry Insurance Challenge begins but I thought I would share the rules tonight. To insure everyone who wants to play along is challenged there will be three levels. Pick which one fits you best

Ladies in Waiting - You don't have a well stocked pantry but realize it would be a real blessing for your family in case of an emergency.

Princess - You have a good start on your pantry but seem to run out of things too often. You could feed your family for a week maybe two if need be but there might be lots of complaints from your subjects.

The Queen - You could feed a small army with two hours notice. Purchasing food at full price makes you mad as a hornet. If one of your subjects leaves an empty box or bag in the pantry you are ready to send them to the dugeon.

For any of you British ladies I mean NO disrespect if I have messed up the royal pecking order. In my world Bear Byrant is King and Barbara Bush will always be Queen.

Now that you have figured out where you are on the Pantry level here are the rules

Use CASH only
Use your normal grocery budget
Share with the rest of us your success or failures in the comment section and/or link up your own blog

Ladies in Waiting - The goal is to have two weeks of extra food in your pantry by the end of the month in addition to your regular groceries. Keep in mind your family eats three meals each day and if your like our family snacks are a must.

Princess - The goal is to be able to feed your family for three extra weeks in addition to your regular groceries. Don't forget that birthday's, holiday's, and other celebrations come up even if the pay check stops.

Queens - You got this right? Ha, maybe, maybe not. The goal is to eat from the pantry all month long!! Keep your weekly shopping confined to dairy, eggs, and fruit (in season if you can). You still need to pull out your weekly CASH for grocery shopping but DON"T spend it!! Tuck that cash away for now.

OK, I hope the rules are clear, if not please let me know!! This month will take a whole lot of planning on all levels, lots of work in the kitchen, and smart purchases. I will share the weekly bonus challenge tomorrow. All this talk of food has me hungry for a piece of that apple cake before bed, time to sign off.


  1. I am a Brit and take no offence, I am also your queen category to a T. If I find an empty packet I hide the full ones, the guilty party will just about always be the one who goes looking for a full one and come complaining. Then I go in for the kill, it does not happen too often now, they have learned better. I have been following this plan for a few weks now and have saved a huge amount of money.

  2. I believe that I fall under the 'ladies in waiting' category. I haven't been doing my coupon stock up shopping in over a month! September's grocery budget was off the charts expensive, and I have nothing to show for it. Time to buck up. Two weeks of extra food?!