Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cake Walk Week Three and Four

 Catch up time!! I forgot to post photo's of last weeks "Cake Walk" Blocks
 Keep in mind this quilt top is being done with nothing but scraps.
 Sew nice to use up some of these oldies but goodies
 The blocks come together sew fast
 My ribbon and button supply is being put to good use.
 Teen quilt is sandwiched, pinned and ready to FMQ
 Ditto for this Christmas gift
 Hancock fabrics was running a super sale this past weekend, 57% off batting and thread!!!
You can bet I loaded up on both batting and the thread. Why pay full price when you don't have too.

After a run to the dump this morning and watching DD# 1's little ones while she knocked out some errands the rest of the day has been spent getting caught up on some sewing projects. With all the home improvement things going on lately I have fallen so far behind on all things sewing related.

First up was to get the sewing room back in shape. Sometimes I think gremlins sneak in at night to make a mess of things in my sewing room. On to working up this weeks "Cake Walk" blocks and pin basting two quilts that I want to clear out of the pile of numerous quilt tops waiting in the wings.

Four different contractors should have come by the house today, not a single one showed up. Go figure!! I did get e-mails from two of them that they would try and get by later this week. The electrician that is to install a new circuit box promises to get the work complete by Wednesday. I sent a note back to the window restore/repair man not to bother. He has set two appointments with us, a no show for them both. He must not need the THOUSANDS of dollars it will take to complete the job. I called the third fella, he was able to give me an estimate over the phone from past work he has done for us, sure hope he showes up as promised on Thursday. Forth fella is will let slide as he has been out of town (so he says) for a family emergency. We have an appointment for 10:00 am Wednesday morning, I think he knows I am not willing to play around any more. It's just nuts that with so many people out of work and or underpaid you can't get reliable (I use that term loosely) company's to do what they promise.

AJ the beagle and I are ready for bed with a cup of tea and what I hope will be a good book. Lots more work that needs to be done tomorrow, gotta get our beauty rest.

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  1. Funny when I was reading about the Cake blocks I had for some reason thinking about the Christmas blocks only to scroll down and there they were ! Contractors are no different up here.