Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 4 Powder Room

 I didn't want to do away with these pictures from Charleston SC many, many years ago. Time for some repurposing
 The frames were primed then painted black. I used the wall paint to update the mats. The frames are fine, the mats...I'm not crazy for them. Mats are plenty cheap, might replace them in time.
 This one only needed the frame painted, its gonna be fine.
 I also bought tiles for the back splash.. I might hire this part out as I am not sure about tiling in such a small area. I've worked to hard to mess it up now!!
 Yesterday was WILD and crazy keeping up with Kara, getting the house in order, paying bills, then loading all these cute gifts up for a road trip
 Everyone decorated there gifts with some sort of kitchen accessory. This one has chip clips on top, Cute right?
AJ the beagle and I finally settled in our motel room at 9:00 last night. It was a long hot day.

I have high hopes that this little road trip will be just the ticket to get my energy level back!! If nothing else the motel has an AC unit that is cranking out the cold air 24/7.

AJ and I enjoyed breakfast in bed this morning as well as a second cup of coffee....ahh. On the To Do list for the day, attend a Bridal shower for a BFF's Daughter who is also a wonderful old friend of our own DD's. I think this will be a just what the Dr. would suggest To Do!!

Soooo excited. The Bride has no idea that she will be showered with gifts, well wishes, and love come lunch time today. One of her sisters from Washington state flew in late in the week and has been hiding out for the surprise, so many friends from over the years are tucked around town in motels. Her Mom has knocked herself out planing this special day, from hand made invitations, all of the decorations for the day, planning a lunch menu fit for a princess and her court. I know Miss L will cry like a baby, heck we all will! Ha

I will share photo's of my gift tomorrow, along with a photo of gift wrapping idea that DD#1 found on pintrest, really cute!  I think me and my furry friend will enjoy a stroll to pick up a pastry and yet one more cup of coffee. No sand paper, primer, or paint for me today!!!


  1. That back splash will look great!

    Hope you all have a great time at the party!!

  2. Tiling is actually not hard at all. I tiled our kitchen (for the first time in our lives), and nobody believes we did it ourselves!

  3. Ah, but Lena you can do anything!!!! BTW so happy for you to be able to go home for a bit, I know it will mean so much to your Mom