Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun Friday

 Friday always starts early and ends early for me. After a day with the toddlers this Nanny is ready for bed. Mason Man is growing like a weed.
 The little girls never stop.
 They are nutty as all get out.
 Our morning of outings end at the grocery store. They suckered me into new coloring books today. Nothing new there, I am an easy target.
 Tea parties and doll babies are the little girls new favorite toys
A helmet comes in handy when you fall off the tea party table.

Looks like it is too pretty a day for toddlers to nap, oh how I miss nap time :( Thank goodness they entertain themselves running like wild animals around the yard.

So what's happening on the home improvement front? Three out of three appointments yesterday showed up!! It's a miracle. The last of the heat pump work is finished, the county inspector approved all work completed so far, another contractor got his bid in for the new roof. I think we are almost ready to make a decision on who gets to line their pockets on the roof contract. Our saving account is looking might sad :( I have reset my goal on all this updating, repairing, replacing on our home. Everyone has until the 3rd week of October to get in and out. I DON"T want to be dealing with this mess during the holiday's. Whatever doesn't get completed may very well have to wait until the spring.

Anybody ready for some money saving, playing in the kitchen, trying something new on the stove or oven for the month of October? I am working up a plan and some very loose rules for an October challenge. I checked my handmade gift drawers/closet to insure I have enough blog candy to give out each week. I will try and get the post up tonight or first thing tomorrow so we can all get ready to rock October 1st.


  1. Can't wait for the October challenge! Count me in....oh wait, I don't know what it can't be that bad....count me in! LOL

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