Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grouchy Girl

 Hubby surprised me this morning by installing the new light fixture in the power room, it looked perfect until....
 We returned home after a nice breakfast to find two of the globes had fallen down breaking not only the globes but both glass candles that were sitting on the counter. Talk about a HOT mess!!!!! Deep breath, stay calm, keep on smiling. OK, all better. We are both so thankful nobody was using the room when the disaster happened!!!! One step forward two steps back.
Hubby also rewired and installed new electric receptacles in the powder room, only problem is that he screwed the plates on so tight in his hurry to have the job complete before I came down from my shower that he cracked the dry wall.  Deep breath, stay calm, keep on smiling, OK, all better it can be repaired.

Today has been a comedy or errors, mistakes, problems, and irresponsible contractors. Hubby doesn't count, in his hurry to surprise me things went wrong but his heart was in the right place!!!!

We had a window contractor come by this morning, from the start he hit it off wrong with me. I don't need any fast talking deal makers. Slow it down buddy, I know what I want. We need a few windows repaired or replaced, all windows recaulked and painted. The slick fast talking continued... Three windows need to be replace. OK sounds right to us. His plan was to replace them with vinyl. NO SIR!!! I told you from the start we are sticking with wood. grrrr A few sill or something or other also needed replacing. Here goes the fast talking again, we well just tear out the old and set you up with some great vinyl, no muss no fuss, no more maintenance. NO SIR!!! I have said over and over again we are sticking with wood. I do not want any plastic repairs made. Thankfully hubby was around to run interference for me, I was ready to wring the guys ever loving neck!!!!.

Pressure washer was due at 12:00, he was an hour late.....sigh He reminded us before he started to check all of the windows to make sure they were down and locked as sometimes unlocked windows can creep open when the water pressure hits them. Good idea seeing as how the window man just left. You never know, he might have left some windows opened.

As I walked into our bedroom to check the windows I found a path of mud on our just cleaned carpet. You have got to be KIDDING ME!!!! The chair that sits in front of one of the windows was in the middle of the room. The good news is that by the time the window man had reached the second bedroom most of the mud had been cleaned from his dirty boots, grrr Each and every room he had been in he had left whatever furniture was in his way out in the middle of the durn floor. I of course didn't know this until he was long gone.

Bless his heart and dirty, he will NOT be doing any work at our home. Two window contractors down, more to go, where it ends nobody knows. All of this home improvement/repair stuff has turned me into a very grouchy girl today. Vacation can't come soon enough!!!

We did have one funny thing happen today. The pressure washer fella ask hubby to step outside so he could show him that we have little holes all over the front of our roof. Could be hail damage they both thought. If it is hail damage our home insurance would kick in for the replacement. Hubby was getting a little too excited as they shared the news with me. Boys, better wipe that smile off your face. I am thinking the damage might have been done by that flock of woodpeckers that I was running off all day every day for weeks this past spring. Who knows, maybe something really will go our way for a change, not likely.


  1. Oh, it all sounds aggravating. Pretty light fixture though.
    I bet the holes in the roof really were caused by hail. Your adjuster will be able to tell right away. Any of your neighbors get new roofs lately?

  2. If the globes had fallen during the night, it would have scared you to death!!!

    Hate it when repairmen don't wipe their feet!

  3. Oh...just think how you will feel when it's all over!!!!A big sigh of relief!! I've noticed here too when you have work done in a home contractors have this thing about not cleaning up after themselves. Hubby says " clean up isn't in their job description". We pick and chose what work we can do ourselves and what we have to hire out for. It's unfortunate that even their sloppiness comes at a price.

  4. YIKES ! enough to drive you around the bend and back.

  5. Broken light fixture, rewired and installed new electric receptacles, window repair, and holes all over the front of your roof - These are definitely not the kind of mess you would want to discover coming back from a good breakfast out. It’s a good thing that nobody was at home when it happened. And also, thankfully, the contractor was available and able to repair every damage immediately.

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

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  7. That is one belligerent windows contractor. I don’t mind dealing with the fast talkers, since I tend to straighten them out later, but the ones that leave a dirty workplace certainly get on my nerves. I hope you’ve found a better contractor for your windows. And it was too bad about the fixtures. They really looked good too.