Monday, September 9, 2013

Powder Room day 5

 I took the time today to finish what I hoped would be a cute project with the leftover ticking fabric. We must have a rug in the powder room, the grands get water all over the place when washing their sweet little hands. Sew I made a rug. First off was to cut the fabric to fit at the sink. Next up iron a double hem.
 Added a double ruffle to each end
 Then added two layers of the stuff you put under throw rugs to keep them from slipping onto the back of the soon to be rug. I have no idea what the stuff is called. I put two layers to add a bit more padding.
 Now to stitch it in. I did a double stitch to make sure it was secured in the hem.
 WOW, the ticking is looking very odd in this photo. My photography skills stink.
The rug matches the hand towels I made last week just fine. I think I like it. The floor looks goofy in this photo, its really a light cream color.

I had very little time to get back to work on the powder room today as I had a TON of running around to do then meet up with the family for DD#1's BD dinner tonight. I was determined to at least get the rug I had in mind completed. I have no idea how this DIY rug will wash up but I am thinking it should be fine as I had prewashed the ticking fabric. Everything I had found around town was just to contemporary, fancy, and unpractical for my taste. Once the room is complete I think the ticking items will give the room a homey feel that works with the rest of our home.

I have my fingers crossed that I can get started on the back splash tomorrow but one never knows! I am meeting with the AC contractor in the morning to FINALLY sign the contract and lay down 1/2 the cash for the new heat pump units. They promise the start date will be this Thursday, time will tell. Of course Thursday is the start day with the grands each week. Maybe the workers will be motivated to "get r done" so they don't have to deal with the little ones running around.

Still waiting on final numbers for our windows. Why is it that these people who want SO MUCH money to do work can't even move forward with estimates?  Hubby is getting very frustrated with all this dragging of feet. Until we know how much these BIG ticket items cost we won't know if we can afford to do some "sure would like to do" things around the house. I am over it all, just looking forward to having AC back!!! Yepeee

Time for AJ the beagle and I to hit the sack, we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

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  1. Love the Powder Room Rug. Contractors up here are the same, Debby.