Monday, September 23, 2013

Not Today I have a Headache

 Yepee Skippy the teen quilt is finished
 Instead of a clothes line to hang the completed quilt I had to scale a mountain side to show her off.
Meandering FMQ was all I could do since I left my quilting gloves at home

 I woke up this morning with a headache to end all headaches. The idea of mounting a bike for a 12 hour marathon ride around the mountain's had no appeal to me. Two of our buddies have the loudest  should be aginst the law pipes I have ever heard. You can hear them coming from a mile I passed. What the heck maybe some retail therapy would clear my head. First stop was to a pattern/ needlework shop at the "Old Mill". Everything felt old, dingy and stale to me. Zero spent and the head problems continued.
 On to "The Cherry Pit" quilt shop in Seiverville. For the first time all day I was glad I felt so bad, I could have gotten myself in some real trouble if I was running on all engines!!
 Such a sweet little store tucked in the downtown historic district. Amount spent....just over $200.00, oops. Sew much cute stuffed in this little store and the sweetest staff ever.
 One last stop at the grocery for football snacks, Monday night football you know. A Carmel spice apple cider for me along with MY quilt and a rocker is all I need for the day.
My hubby is a nut. I forgot to share as we were coming into town we always make a stop at the "Bush Beans" museum for a potty break and wondering around. As I was in the checkout line hubby shared with me he thought he had forgotten to pack any shirts for vacation. What???!!!
Him - Ya, I was going to go back upstairs to throw some in my bag but I think I forgot to do that
Me - You are just saying that so you can get some new tee shirts, forget it buddy I am on to you.
Him - No really I think I only have the one I am wearing. Do you really think I would be interested in a Bush Beans shirt?
Me - After cleaning out your closet...yes as a matter of fact I do believe it would be just what you like. Oh my gosh, find one on sale and bring it up,grrr.
Saturday was a rainy raw day, perfect for staying in the cabin for some college football, Roll Tide. The boys however were getting board so they decided to run around town. Hubby called.
Him - We are at "Bass Pro" they have nice shirts I like on sale. I only have the one Bush Beans shirt with me. Should I buy more shirts?
Me - As long as they are not tee shirts or camouflage go ahead.
Him - As he walked in the door so proud with his bag of shirts. We went by the Harley dealer, they had tee shirts on the clearance table but I only bought one. Figured you could use it in a tee shirt quilt one of these days.
Me - Not likely
I love him so, but the tee shirt obsession makes me nuts


  1. I never got to the Cherry Pit........oh I do wish I were there. We LOVED the Bush Beans place.

  2. I was so hoping we would be in the mts at the same time, how nice it would have been to meet you Gill

  3. Love the Cherry Pit Amazing staff, projects, and fabric. Its a good thing its not very close to me in Toronto, Canada. Otherwise I be in big trouble.

  4. Same here Mrs Mac!! But we do take 3 trips a year to the area, I better start saving up!!

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