Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stocking Up

Nice deal at the grocery store today. Total spent $40.27, savings from sale and a coupon $28.65
If your thinking of stocking the pantry this is a great time of year to get started!! Watch your weekly fliers from all the local grocery stores, there are so many really good deals to be had.

 I didn't plan on grocery shopping this week other than the normal milk, eggs, and fruit but I noticed that one of our grocery stores had a $10.00 off coupon with a $50.00 purchase. Humm, I didn't find much in the flyer that peaked my interest other than 10 for $10.00 deal on canned kidney beans. What the heck might as well wonder around to see if there were any unadvertised specials so I could use up that free $10.00. Hit pay dirt!!

 They had some great unadvertised specials on canned goods. Everything pictured above was a 10 for $10.00 special. Now some will say it's cheaper to use dried beans than canned beans and you would be right but......I think there is a place in every pantry for canned beans. Condensed soup mixes can be made at home from scratch but again canned soups are a nice time saver when putting together casseroles and such. I have so many recipes that call for cream of about everything soup. Maybe that's a southern thing! Ha

When I am stocking up on anything I make sure to check the expiration dates!! There are times that the manager special is on foods that are coming close to the "best used by" date. Unless I am running low on something I pass on shelf stable foods that are close to the expiration date. Everything shown here won't expire until 2016. Let me assure you none of it will last that long.

Hubby and I had to cram as much as we could in this morning as he was leaving for TX in the early afternoon.  This long distance relationship can be hard on a traditional family like ours. We seem to live by a list most of the time. What we have to do, what we need to do, what we would like to do, did I remember to tell you this, what bank account are you using, you used the wrong credit card yet again. The lists and reminders go on and on, it gets old :( The nice thing about this trip home was hubby agreed to fly instead of driving for 2 days just to get home! After I dropped him off  at the airport I made a quick trip to the bank for a saving account deposit, drop off to Goodwill, picked up prescription meds, the final stop was the grocery store. I was not in the house more than 30 minutes before hubby called to tell be he had arrived in TX safely. LOVE THAT!!!!

Meet with yet another contractor late in the afternoon for a bid on a new roof, but that is a whole post of its own. I am past the point of wanting all this craziness to be over. I feel like my brain will explode some days working with all these people. I will never understand why people won't do what they say they will do!!


  1. People won't do what they say they will do! Amen to that. Lawn guys....oh my. Same with them. With strong allergies to grass and such I ask someone to mow the yard. Grass thrown against buildings and house. Turns them green sometimes depending on the paint. I have ask at least 4 different lawn groups not to do that but they do it anyway and don't blow it off with blower. Knock my head against the wall! Sure hope all goes well with your roof and it is done before you know it.

  2. I so hear ya on the contractor issue. We have one more hurdle to get through (the front door) and then, hopefully, we will be done!

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