Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy Beaver

 DD#3 helped me save $100.00 today by going along with me to pick up MY new chair. It's crazy how much furniture stores charge for delivery these days. Way back when the store would deliver for free and might even throw in a free lamp. The good old days are long gone!
While DD was here Kara did some harvesting in the tomato patch. Kara picked out the biggest one shown here to eat. She loves tomatoes, eats them like most people would eat an apple.

I have been going non stop since 5:30 AM this morning after staying up late last night trying to finish up 101 odds and ends. Is it done? Na, Lots more to do yet today but my motor is running low, time to kick back and rest up before giving it another go tonight.

Hubby is FLYING in this afternoon!! Hubby DOES NOT fly, however he is going to have to give up his fear of flying for awhile. Texas is just to far a drive for him to make each month for a visit home. We will have a grand total of 34 hours at home before we leave for our yearly anniversary trip in the Mountains, talk about cramming a whole lot of family time in a short window of opportunity. Along with catching up on things around the house that I just can't do on my own we need to go over our home improvement budget which is getting out of control. It's time to prioritize our list.

Today the final work was done on the new AC units, the contractor suggested we update the circuit box, typical with an older house there is always something unplanned that pops up.

Painter #1 came by to work up and estimate to repair the ceiling in our bedroom, remove popcorn ceilings in hallway up and downstairs along with the kitchen, those are must do's. Our would like to do's are, refurbish kitchen cabinets and paint trim/windows in the kitchen

Painter #2 has already gotten back to me for the regular no frills painting, OUCH Three rooms, two hallways, and trim in two rooms $1,400.00. Until painter #1 has made the changes to the ceiling #2 will not be able to get started.

Window repair man sure as heck better show up at his scheduled appointment time tomorrow. Figure his estimate will be jaw dropping as well.

Still to go, new roof.

I have some big budget crunching to do while on vacation. Seems like a crazy time to work on a budget but I can't seem to find quite time to think these days at home. Maybe a cup of hot tea, sitting on a porch overlooking the Smokey Mountain's will make things look better.

Home improvements seems to always turn into a big old snow ball rolling down a hill. I am thinking I will have to park the sewing machine for some time, roll up my sleeves and do a whole lot or work on my own to keep the costs with in reason. Anybody want to join in? Ha


  1. Have a wonderful anniversary trip! It should be beautiful this weekend. And you can use the rest, girl! Angela

  2. Holy moly you sound just like me!! It's crazy, isn't it? BUT we'll both have fairly 'new' homes when we are finished, albeit with empty savings accounts!!

  3. Debby- I hope you have a wonderful anniversary trip and can relax and not worry about all the stuff that is being done/needs doing. It will be so worth it when all those projects are finished. xo Diana

  4. When one project is complete there's another waiting in the wings! Enjoy your trip. Sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee sounds like heaven to me. Enjoy!!!!!Happy Anniversary!!!!