Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Powder Room Reveal

 Remember the powder room before? It's hard to see from this photo but the walls were red with a faux leather finish. The vanity is original to our home, custom wood cabinet with a marble top. I had framed the mirror with crown molding and corner boards, using glass adhesive since both hubby and I stink at mitered corners years ago.
 Hubby's pride and joy eight point dear head hung over the standard potty, quite a conversation piece for all who entered.
 The updated powder room has light grey walls (hard to tell) with polished nickle finished hardware. Photo's just don't do it justice!!
 The new potty has been updated to a new low water usage 19 inch gal. This will be a nice feature to have in our old age, just back up and have at it!!
 The vanity was sanded, then sanded some more. Each drawer and door were removed along with the hinges, knobs, and handles for a more professional finish. One coat of bonding primer followed by 2 coats of  black primer/paint in a satin finish and a whole heck of a lot of drying time. All new hardware except for the hinges which I spray painted with a bonding polished nickel finish. The hand made rug to match the hand towels turned out really cute but hard to see in a photo. Cute canvas bag in the corner holds hand towels for each season.
 We took the new light fixture that was a piece of $90.00 junk back to the store and exchanged it for a much sturdier model that we hope wont fall down!! The mirror frame was a bugger to work on!! Same process as the vanity but much harder to maneuver around.  A small decorative trunk along with a vanity lamp and a hand made hand towel are simple and safe around the toddlers. I think they are just enough decorative touches to finish the room. I painted all the picture frames in the same black as the vanity and mirror, the mats were also painted. No need for new art work on the walls.
The tile back splash in shades of grey, white, and black should save the walls from little hands that like to splash around on the new counter top with a square sink.

So what do you think? What I thought would be a 3 day project turned into a 3 week marathon. The budget of $600.00 was blown out of the water or should I say toilet. Final cost....$916.00, dog gone it!

Where did the money go? Here is the list

Paint - $117.42
Paint Supplies - $53.48
Faucet and plumbing - $102.00
Toilet paper holder - $15.98
Tile - $37.00
Hardware - $48.18
Electrical - $98.94
Toilet - $238.00
Counter Top - $205.00
Total cost -$ 916.00
Man it adds up fast!!!

Where we saved

Professional wall painter - $200.00
Plumber for sink and toilet - $300.00
New vanity instead of updating the old - $500.00
Electrical work - $125.00
Tile work - Have no idea
Paint vanity - Have no idea

Total saved for sure $1,125.00

After searching around in home improvement magazines, internet, and such seems the average price of remodeling a powder room is $3,000-$6,000, holy cow!!

 I ended up doing more than I planned at the start of this what I thought would be an easy DIY. Our SIL who is a plumber suggested we update our old pipes and all that jazz while we were at it. Hubby also thought the electrical stuff could use some updating. Hubby and I both agreed a taller more water efficient toilet would be a good idea since we will be retiring in place (we hope). I could have gone cheaper on the vanity paint but this room gets a whole lot of action as it's the only bath on the first floor, the good stuff was a must. We could have Made Do with the original counter top but it was beginning to show its age. All in all I don't regret any of the decisions we made or money we spent. We both figure now is the time to do as many improvements we can afford before retirement.

We have enough leftover vanity paint to update both of our full upstairs bathrooms, which in time I will do but NO time soon!!! Ha I hope to find someone who could use the 1/2 gallon of leftover grey paint as I don't need it in any other rooms. Most of the painting supplies can be used again as long as hubby doesn't get his hands on it all and store away where no one can find it!

I am so glad this longer than I expected more expensive than I planned project is complete!!! Now if I can get the durn contractors to get those bids in maybe we can cross a few more things off the to do list. After a break of a week or two I need to get started on the family room. We have bought a couple of new pieces of furniture but a TON more elbow grease and work needs to be done. All in good time


  1. Beautiful! You did a great job!

  2. It looks great Debby! Great job and you DID save tons of money!!

  3. Love the redo! Wondering where you got the vanity top/sink?

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