Friday, September 13, 2013

Full Friday

 SIL#2 was able to stop by after work yesterday to install our new 19 inch toilet. Now it's my turn to take over for more touch up paint as the new toilet while much taller than the old is slimmer.
 Our garage is overflowing in cardboard, needed to make a trip to the dump.
 But first things first. The grands needed a romp in the park. I am loving this, the little girls now like to take turns pushing each other in the swings
 Karsyn is not brave enough yet to jump from one disk to the other, Kara..she is all over it
 Mason man does a pretty darn good job of keeping up with them all.
 After our time at the park the little girls and I hit the dump to unload some of the cardboard
 How sweet is this, they like to hold hands while in my car.
 Last outing of the morning before going home for some "Girl Time" Karsyn's new favorite phrase was the grocery store to pick up some junk snacks
 The rest of the day was spent making sure they didn't get into too much trouble
Snack time. They look like I felt at the end of the day!!

Now that Karsyn is in pre school two days a week our play day has been moved to Friday. I am still adjusting to our new schedule, for now it feels like frenzy Friday. All home improvements were put on hold until these little gals left for the day.

I walked out the door along with the grands today to meet our window installer. Today was the day to see the two samples of replacement windows to pick from, sign the contract, and pay the deposit. One quick look at the "windows" was all I needed to say no way, no how are those things going in my home. The cost of these wonderful IMO junk windows was $11, 800.00 installed. I do believe the fella was shocked at my response.

 I was not in the best of moods when I arrived (Friday traffic is crazy here) and was treated like a bother to the staff/clerks.When I ask a very simple question of one of the sales reps while waiting for my guy he was down right rude. I had gone a little early to look around before meeting up and signing the contract. When I realized the quality of windows he had quoted us I tried to call him at his home office and cell phone number to keep him from wasting a trip. After hanging around for an hour I gave up, just as he called me back. Lots of fast talking on his end to please turn around and look at the higher grade replacement windows he was almost there. OK, I was willing to give him a chance, as I walked in the door a very RUDE man informed me they were closed. What?? Yes we close early on Friday. But your sign says your open for another 1/2 hour, nope they were closing you can come back Monday with your contractor.

Put a fork in me I was done!!!! I will be contacting different companies come Monday morning to start all over again but this time for repairs/refurbishing of the solid wood windows we already have. I have to admit I am not a fan of vinyl windows, even the very highest end are not as sturdy feeling as what we have. The connivance of low maintenance and tilt in for cleaning had me going for awhile but when the rubber meet to road I got cold feet. Add too that rude people who don't seem to care anything for the paying customers that keep them sitting in those fancy chairs I was outta there in a skinny minute.

When I shared the news with hubby I was surprised that he too agreed he didn't have a good feeling on giving up wood for vinyl. He had also been in the store the last time he was home to check prices and quality and was put off as much as I was with the customer service.

I am SO THANKFUL that we decided this is the time to make major repair's/updates to our home. I am not sure I would have the mental energy to deal with experiences like these 10 or 15 years from now. When I drove away from that deal I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Now its back to the notebook, list of suggested contractors from friends, comparing quotes and checking references, oh ya and grouting the tile! Ha

Hope everyone has a great weekend, fall is almost here.

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