Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day Two Powder Room Facelift

 Brought in some male help this morning, who couldn't use another painter.
 Can you believe this is little Mason Man!!! He is talking up a storm now, still the sweetest little boy ever. After DD#1 and Mason man left today I was able to get the second coat of wall paint completed
 All of the drawers, cabinet, and doors have been sanded twice, primed, then two coats of paint. New hardware has been installed.
 I am now ready to pull the old counter top out. Note to self, NEVER EVER do this DIY again. This step is best done by a professional.
 After hours and hours of digging putty, adhesive, maybe even a bit of grim from the past 23 years I think I have the counter lose enough to remove. This will be no easy task!! I can't get to the back splash below the mirror frame to remove the grout, putty and whatever else holds these things in place. I have fears that the mirror will not hold up to the physical man handling that is coming up. Thought covering the mirror in tape would at least keep large shards of glass from silting any ones throat. This step has been put off until tomorrow evening when SIL #2 can come over to help.
 I can hardly sleep at night knowing this hot mess is what I will wake up to each day :( Until the new counter and toilet are in I can't begin to clean this mess up as there is sure to be lots of touch up painting that will still be needed.
Bucky the deer, hubby's pride and joy is resting peacefully on the family room floor. Our DD's refuse to let me hang him back up in the powder room. I have no idea where to put hubby's treasure. It is so yucky to me that I don't want it anywhere that I have to look at it. The garage is out, I already ran that by him. NO WAY is he going in our bedroom. How crazy would people think we are if it was hanging in the living room. I spend lots of time in the family room, sharing with AJ the beagle is one thing, Bucky is quite another.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels for most of the day. Two more trips to the home improvement store, really 3 if you count the trip to an additional store for some price comparison's. Everything is at a stand still until the new counter top and toilet are installed. I can go ahead and start painting the trim tomorrow although it was not on the To Do until next week. Looks like that will be moved up on the list. I sooo wanted to have everything finished and put back together before I have the little girls starting on Thursday. If we can't complete the work by tomorrow night all the crap covering every surface in the kitchen will have to be moved out to the garage. Keeping up with the grands is hard enough, doing it with power tools, paint, sandpaper, crow bars and such laying around is just asking for trouble.

I was pretty excited to find the hardware I really wanted at the second home improvement store today. Not too sound snooty but I really wanted what I wanted for the drawer pulls they cost $1.00 @ more than what I was going to settle with from store #1. I am sure a heck worth the extra $6.00 if I do have to say so myself!! Ha

 I had set our budget at $600.00 for the total in the powder room, well it ain't gonna happen :( One thing that is going to put us over budget has been paint. What the heck is going on that paint now cost $34.89 a gallon? I have had to purchase 3 gallons :( I only needed 1/2 gallon for the wall paint but it cost $8.00 more if I would have purchased 2 quarts, grr. One gallon of primer, I have use maybe 1/3 of the can, it's only sold buy the gallons. An additional gallon of black paint for the woodwork, again maybe have used 1/3 of that. I can not STAND leftovers!! Our guest bathroom is another area that could use a face left, the leftover paint will be used in that room for the vanity, might even move on to the master bath with it. I think I have a friend that would like the wall paint for her master bath, SOLD just as long as I don't have to help!! Ha

I have been playing around with numbers this evening for the renovations. I figure we will be over budget by $200.00 with the additional spending I still have to do, seems like a whole heck of a lot of money for such a tiny room to me.

Time for my nightly scrub to remove paint, primer, and of course lots of sweat.


  1. Oh my! You are super woman! Yes, paint is crazy expensive. But it is one of those things that you get what you pay for. It should wear and wash up just fine,

    Deer heads- you either like them or you don't, no wishy washy opinions on them from anyone.

    1. Your right of course Rhonda but it seems to have gone up so fast!!! I bought from the big box store not a specialty store, who knows how much the fancy stuff cost!!!

  2. I agree with you about the paint. That deer head would be in our shed!! When we go on vacation and book a cabin I always make sure there are no dead animals hanging on the walls, just too icky!!

    Love the hardware you chose very nice.

    1. Ha, I am right there with you!!! I have turned down a many cabins for the same reason!! The cute carved bears are on thing, dead animals are a diffrent ball game.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished room! You are working hard!!

    The cost of paint SHOCKED me when we had our first level painted. I spent over $700 for wall, ceiling and trim paint. AND it doesn't include the $65.00 I spent for my front door paint.

    All of our home improvement projects have been more than we expected, which is why I'm going to take my time with the remainder of what we are doing. Trying to catch my financial breath...

  4. I have know since July 10th we were looking at 2 new central heat pumps but was willing to wait until after September 1st to getin on the $2,000.00 rebate, along with our utility company kicking in an additional $600.00. Doing the powder room without central air is enough of a challenge for me this month! Ha Can't wait to see your finished rooms!!!

  5. You can not buy paint by the Quart anymore..I am way behind times. I think I would need a quarter million to update our home. Not happening any time soon. I love your power room and of course your little helper.

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