Sunday, September 22, 2013

38 Years of Happy Times

 We started out early Friday morning leaving all the contractors, broken down, not finished projects far behind for our yearly Anniversary bike trip. First stop, the boys can never pass up a Harley Davidson sign along the road. I threatened hubby with his life if he even gave buying another tee shirt a thought. He did good, no new tee shirts or chrome went in my car!!
 Lots of stops along the way for potty breaks. Men give us ladies such a hard time over the years with the need for potty breaks. Once the fellas hit a certain age the old prostrate ain't what it use to be, love this role reversal!! Ha
 We finally arrived to our cabins in plenty of time to enjoy the views and share a wonderful homemade meal from our freezer at home. Of course beer, lots of beer for the boys and girls except me of course. I was nursing my water like it was expensive wine.
 Ahhhh... the front porch, one of my very favorite places to be, that is until the boys join me with there various boy noises.
 My car doesn't leave home on vacation with out the crock pot. BTW this is my NEW crock pot as our not so old one gave up on me the week before vacation. I'm a tellin you this summer has been a wild and expensive ride!!!
 Today the whole gang took of for some mountain riding and a spin on the Dragons Tail. Me...I am enjoying some quite time, just me, the Bernina, and a full crock pot.
This man of mine!!! He has kept me in laughter for what seems like a short 38 years. As I was saying goodnight Friday while the boys continued enjoying there adult beverages they all got a good laugh at the expense of this man of mine

Me - "Nite, nite bubba and Happy Anniversary"
Him - "Nite, and Happy Birthday"

The room busted out laughing, rolling in the floor laughing.

"Dude it's your Anniversary not her Birthday"
Him - " Oh Ya, that's what I meant to say, sorry honey!!"

I took today off to spend some alone time in the cabin. I needed to recharge my batteries, have some fun on the sewing machine, and make country bread for tonight's dinner. We have a large group this year, had to rent two cabins to fit everyone in, it has been a blast. Some from North Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, and even Canada!! Heather, our Canadian friend is having the time of her life hitting the shops and outlet malls, seems the prices and selections are much better in the US than the Providence she is from. I say LOAD up gal, the US economy could use some stimulation! Ha

This is the first year in a LONG time that other ladies are along for the trip, it's sorta nice to have fellow human beings who have nice lady like manners. The boys are always respectful and thankful for each and every thing but some of the nosies that are expelled from their bodies is well..... a bit much. While I cook the majority of the meals "from the freezer at home" the other two ladies kick in side dishes, set the table, and join in for the clean up. NICE!!!!!

I packed two quilts for vacation I would like to do the FMQ quilting on while enjoying the mountain air but...I forgot my quilting gloves :(  So far it's not going so good. I didn't realize how much harder it is to quilt without gloves. No gloves, no problem. I downloaded lots of books on the nook before leaving home along with MY quilt from home. I might just be rocking and reading for the rest of the day!!


  1. I hope you pack a clothes pin for your nose on these trips ! *smile* AJ is off the hook by not being there to catch the blame. Bandit gets blamed every time ! Have fun & love your new Crock Pot. Enjoying my new one so far too.

  2. hope you have a lovely time and get a lot done both reading and quilting!


  3. Happy Anniversary to you,Debby. You have been married the same length of time as we have. Love your quilt that you are working on- xo Diana

  4. Happy anniversary! You are a better sport about that guy stuff than I think I would be though. After living on Marine bases and cooking for fraternity houses, I have had my fill of that boy stuff :)
    Hope you have a wonderful trip

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!! What a fun trip and with good friends that you take your crock pot and quilting too!!

    Our 20th is Wednesday and we are planning a two day trip up your way to the Asheville Guild's show on Friday and Saturday...will post pics next week...
    are you going??? not sure what day I will be there...let me know if you are there on Friday afternoon or Sat morning and we can meet up and walk around some...Cliff may join me for some of it...??? just a last minute quick trip...staying Saturday night with friends in WS...