Thursday, September 12, 2013

Central Heat and Air!!!!!

 At 7:30 sharp this morning the 2 new heat pumps installation began.
The new units remind me of the "ET" movie, can we say R2D2. Ha  They are twice the size of our old ones. It was LOVE at first sight, or should I say love at first puff of COLD air
 Our bad luck just won't stop. One of the workers installing the heat pumps fell through the attic ceiling into our master bedroom. When they came downstairs to share the news I thought I would never be able to stop laughing once I made sure the poor man was not injured. They were kind enough to nail cardboard over the opening so AJ the beagle and I won't have to look at that massive hole when we hit the sack tonight. Of course the company will pay for the repairs and have the work done ASAP (well see about that) So we have marked one home improvement off our list only to add one more. HA
 On top of everything else going on around here the company we like to use for carpet cleaning were running a special this week. Can't let a good sale pass me by, saving money is not always convenient. This is just one example of the mess in three rooms I woke up to this morning that HAD to be dealt with before the AC men arrived.
 The carpets came out beautiful and the price was right but......
 See that big old black spot on the staircase wall? When the carpet cleaners pulled their hose upstairs they left marks like this all over the staircase walls. Nice. One step forward one step back, they too will be making the repairs needed ASAP. Really and truly this summer has been just CRAZY!!!
 The new family room sofa while arriving two hours late...grr at least there was no damage to our poor home when they delivered it . Do you like the whitewashed side table better than the brown wood one?
One thing leads to another. I spent last night moving end tables and what not tables around the house as the old brown stained tables just didn't work with the new sofa IMO. There is also a mark along the wall where the old sofa was that will need some TLC. Add one more thing on the To Do list.

I have decided I am no longer overwhelmed by all this craziness over the summer. I am now just in shock to the point of laughing out loud over each new hick - up that comes our way. Not sure if the change of heart is because I have lost my marbles or if sitting on the new couch in the comfort of 72 degrees central air makes things seem not so bad after all.

There is a cost to all of this comfort....

$16,000.00  OUCH!!!

By waiting for 2 months and 2 days in the sweltering NC heat we will receive $2,600.00 in rebates as well as a $350.00 federal and state tax credit. That rebate will be used towards the MANY other "Must Do's" around the house. I sooo wish it would be enough to cover all that has to be done but unfortunately it won't come close :( Was it worth the wait? You betcha, $2,600.00 ain't chump change.

The next BIG TICKET item on our must do list is windows. We have finally received the estimate for the job. sigh..If Kara will cooperate tomorrow I will go by the showroom to see what the windows look like that he is suggesting. The owner of the company has already forewarned me that the new windows can't hold a candle to the double pane solid wood windows we have now :(.  However we won't have to worry about wood rot or constant painting every few years.

Time to call it a day. AJ the beagle and I are going to enjoy a cup of tea, maybe a cookie or two, who am I kidding, I will eat all I want!!  AJ can FINALLY curl up under her quilt now that the house is nice and cool.


  1. You really have had so many bad surprises this summer, but won't your home just be so nice with all the new when you get done.
    I do like the white washed table, I especially like the storage it has.

    I spent this morning with baby JJ at his home, waiting for the washing machine repairmen and the ac repairmen. Both came and did some work but neither were sure the had truly fixed the problems.

  2. What a summer you have had! I bet it feels so comfy inside your house now. Hope you get the hole in the ceiling and the black marks on the wall fixed soon.

    We once had our carpet cleaned and the hose that ran from the truck that had hot water in it, leaked on the linoleum floor and melted little dots all over it. They did not want to fix it. We had some extra flooring we had saved from when it was put in and we finally got it fixed. So I guess repair people do more damage than good some times.

  3. Catching up on all of your remodeling and it has all turned out just lovely!!! Love your ticking items too!!!