Sunday, October 16, 2011

Action Packed Day

Kara found the perfect pumpkin for herself.
The giant pumpkins were her favorite.
Our little girls at Karsyn's 1st Birthday party, they are such good little buddies
Karsyn's party outfit was super cute but she wouldn't stand still so I could get a good photo
Cake and ice cream were a big hit
I don't usually blog on a Sunday morning but I am doing anything I can to prolong a little more time in bed with a cup of tea! Yesterday started out bright and early with a trip to the pumpkin patch with my sister and Daughter#3 family after breakfast out. Kara is really low key, she likes to hang back and watch whats going on without going nuts and running around (my kinda gal) She enjoyed the huge pumpkins on display, hated the farm animals, hayride was so so, wondering around the pumpkin patch was a bit dirty for her taste. I take Daughter #1 and family next weekend, it will be interesting to see how Karsyn reacts to her first trip at the patch.
Back home for a bit of sewing and spray painting plastic pumpkins for Daughter #1 porch then off to Karsyn's first Birthday party. Unlike Kara who is very low key and laid back, Karsyn is WIDE open, the kid never stops. Daughter #1 had her party at a play center that was worth every dime of whatever she paid the folks, they did a wonderful job of playing games for all age groups, dancing and enjoying snacks along with cupcakes and ice cream. It is such fun to see the little girls interact with other children most of whom were older, when they would see each other they would start laughing and head off together for a little girl time then off they went again in different directions, soooo darn cute!!
I need to get off my rump and begin packing for an 8 hour (I won't be staying that long) tee shirt quilting class. I'm excited to see how you officially make a tee shirt quilt, I made several years ago but I was just winging it. The tee shirt quilt will be a Christmas gift for hubby and even more importantly it will help unload the ridicules array of Harley tee shirts he has jammed in his closet. If all goes as planned I will be home early enough to get garlic planted that arrived in the mail yesterday and enjoy a quite evening at home with AJ the beagle.
Have a great Sunday, put away the to do list and do something fun!!

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