Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Pattern I ordered that was designed by one of the ladies that work at a local quilt shop. I love the simple design!
Can't have the pattern without the fabric to go with it right?
"Baby Bubba's" quilt is FINISHED!! I used the same flannel giraffe print as the binding and the back
First off for some reason I can't make comments on my own comment section of the blog, what the heck? Maybe with a little more sleep I can figure it out, see the time on this post..2:40 AM as in the middle of the night, the menopause thing is going strong tonight. GRRR
Yesterday I finally got around to running to the quilt store to pick up a pattern I ordered a few weeks back, of course I couldn't leave well enough alone so I picked up the fabric used in the pattern. For those of you that are scrapbookers doesn't this fabric look like the same pattern as some Bo Bunny paper from a few years back? I think I will leave the pattern and fabric on the kitchen counter so I can get right on it as soon as I finish the baby quilts for Christmas. I found 2 other super cute ideas to use this fabric for as well, I have a love hate relationship with the whole wheels turning deal. As with everything in life so many ideas so little time!! We have our girls craft weekend at my house this week, maybe the tree skirt and at least on of the idea's can be accomplished. Somebody better get busy cleaning this house up, company is a coming!! Oh yea that would be me :(
I was able to finish "Baby Bubba's" Christmas quilt yesterday between trips to the shop and a few other errands, now on to Tyler's "Cheater Quilt" today although I soooo want to work on the Christmas tree skirt! I also have a Birthday gift I need to get finished in the next week or so. It's time to prioritize my to do list once again or I will be pulling a few all nighters in the near future.
Our wood for the new floors will be delivered today, yepee! Thankfully we have no need to use the living room over the weekend, I will set whoever can make it in the kitchen, breakfast room and family room. One of the gals that well be coming is going to use my embroidery machine to finish all of her Christmas gifts this weekend, how cool is that! All handmade gifts finished by October and on a frugal budget Debbie P you are my crafting hero.
I will be back after I get some sleep (I hope) with Tyler's completed Christmas quilt (maybe) and at least one room in the house cleaned (dream on)


  1. Love the tree skirt! Can't wait to see your finished project!! :) There are designers that design scrapbooking paper & fabric.I have fabric from SEI as well! The Dill Weed line! :) Love your finished quilt!

  2. Check out sweetwaterstreet.com, thats the company that designed the fabric and pattern, I hope to make the mug rugs they show using scrap Christmas fabric I bought. I'm thinking the cricut tags and bags or whatever it is called has a pattern I can use. Can't wait to get started