Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quilt in progress

I added little details to some of the blocks, like the tag from the back of the shirts
Added a few pockets here and there
I got what I thought was all the piecing and sashing done yesterday, looks like I will have to add more :(
I put it in high gear yesterday and kicked some butt around here. The biggest to do was getting the quilt for hubby pieced so I wouldn't have to relocate each square into another room before the little girls arrive today. I'm humming along at a good pace, taking breaks throwout the day to get little odds and ends done around the house and to break up the time at the sewing machine so I wouldn't get bored, it worked out well until..... When I finished the last column of sashing and laid the durn thing out I realized I had a tower of quilt squares, not a quilt at all. Back to the drawing board to add at least one more column or maybe two of tee shirts to balance it out. So far I have 32 tee's in the quilt, if I figure right it will take 18 or 19 more tee shirts to get it in balance then on to adding a border. All of the extra work will have to happen at a later time, I need to get back on track around the house and yard, pay some bills, make a list of additional fabric I need for the quilt and get a little organizing done. At least the majority of the work is done on the quilt, after I get it balanced out I will be taking it to a long arm quilter, no way am I going to even attempt to free motion quilt something this big.
I am not even bothering with a to do list today, I figure I will start in one room and work from room to room until the little girls arrive in the afternoon then get back on it when they leave. I have been spending a little to much time at the sewing machines an not nearly enough time on domestic endeavors lately. I have a sewing class again on Saturday so that will have to quench my sewing thirst for the week. I also have to fit in a custom ordered scrapbook before the 28th that I haven't even begun to work on.
Daughter #1 will be having an ultra sound today to determine the size of "Baby Bubba" he is due to arrive December 8th but Mommy is getting VERY large, we figure the Dr will schedule her C section early this time since her babies are going to be so close together. The month of December is crazy every year, this year will be a real challenge with the new arrival and Moms recovery time. I hope to get my ducks in a roll by the end of the month around here and for Christmas so I will have the time and energy to celebrate our newest arrival!! Thankfully the fall weather keeps me pumped up and ready for whatever comes our way, I love fall!!!


  1. The quilt looks awesome so far!!! Is this a gift for hubby? I can't wait to see it finished!! :)

  2. Yep, it will be hubby's big Christmas gift, only have to buy one more thing for him then I can mark him off the list!!