Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas PJ's

Another project is in the books!! Ya Me
Our big girls Christmas PJ's bottoms are finished just waiting for me to figure out what tee shirts and maybe an embroidery design I want to put with them. I went with fabric that is not traditional Christmas so we can get a little more wear out of them than just during the holiday, I also used cotton fabric so we should be able to wear them in the spring, fall, and winter. The little girls will be in red PJ's the little boys will be in green, not sure about the big boys yet. I may just hit Old Navy or someplace and pick up something inexpensive for them, our big boys aren't much for the PJ fashions!! Once I figured out how to put the pockets in the seams they came together pretty fast but it took 11 yards total in fabric so this was NOT one of my more frugal endeavors!!!
I also finished up the scrapbook this afternoon and delivered it, wheeee it was nice to get two big projects off my plate, the kitchen looks like a tornado has been through but I will tackle that tomorrow!
The final thing on my gotta get done today list was to finish up a Birthday gift for a buddy. Jackie your very late gift is on the way, sorry time got away from me this year. I will post photo's in a few days, don't want to ruin the surprise.
Tomorrow I hope to cut up the rest of the Harley tee shirts and maybe even get some piecing done on the Harley quilt before Hubby heads home. My goal was to have it to the long arm quilter by tomorrow but that ain't gonna happen.
If your a scrapbooker or card maker head over to 1/2 dozen blog listed on the right side of this page and check out her cards that are PUBLISHED!! Congrats Carla!! She even made the centerfold! My Cricut is getting a little dusty setting in my "room of sin" Carla has inspired me to dust it off and do a little something if and when I ever get caught back up around here.


  1. LOVE the pj bottoms!! The fabric is just awesome! I would love to try something like that! You're gonna be the best looking family in town! :) Thanks so much for the kind words, Debby! You are VERY talented too, you should submit your cards to be published!! Let me know if you want/need the link! ;).

  2. Thanks Carla, I might take you up on thst someday, we are on countdown to grand #4 arriving so I am scrambling to get ahead of the game rtight now!