Friday, October 7, 2011

Bring on the weekend

The house is as clean as it will be getting for now, I don't want to wear myself out before our girls weekend starts tonight!! One thing I planned on doing but didn't get to was to organizing the bedroom I have been storing (shoving) Christmas gifts, to bad to sad, I'm over it. Next week the Christmas stash will be first on my to do list. I have both little girls today I'm thinking Nanny will work in a nap when they go down so I will be ready to rock come time to start up our machines this evening. I've knocked around a lot of different projects that I thought about working on. I've decided to finish up Tyler's quilt along with the 2 tree skirts I started earlier in the week, boring but I'm thinking maybe with company it will go faster. I have a back up plan if I get too board of cutting out a quilt for ME!! I will try and remember to take a few pictures of our creations over the weekend if I can find the camera under the piles of fabric that is sure to be spread over the entire downstairs. Have you done something for you lately? Moms tend to put their wants on the back burner to ensure everyone else has their fun, find some time for YOU!!!

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