Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast Food

Here is my fast food, black bean soup. Canned beans from the grocery store, garlic dehydrated, cilantro dehydrated, onions dehydrated, bacon from bulk order, chicken broth from freezer, canned tomatoes from the garden. Took maybe 5 minuets to put together!
Apple spice cake, store bought box
Bread from the freezer along with the bean soup to share with our Daughters and a friend still leaves me plenty of leftovers to eat on for a few days.
I should have believed in the weather forecaster yesterday that we had a cold front coming in!! How could it be 82 degrees one day then the next 51!!?? Yikes it really felt cold after the warm temperatures we have been having. I figured a pot of soup, some bread and a Carmel apple cake would hit the spot but with both babies around for the day it had to be super quick before one of them latched on my leg. Had I thought it was really possible that it could have turned so cold I would have put a pot of black beans on to soak the night before, instead I had to go with grocery store canned beans. I used a store bought box cake mix from the pantry and home made bread from the freezer, no time to grind wheat and make up bread when the little girls are on the run.
As much as I fuss over the long hot summer of canning dehydrating and freezing food days like yesterday are when all the work really pays off. I will still have to dehydrate more onions and garlic to make it over the winter as we didn't get nearly enough out of the garden this year. I added that to the list of things I need to pick up from the farmer pretty soon so I can get busy on that along with apples to work up into apple sauce and apple butter, not sure I will even mess with dehydrating apples this year, hubby is the only one who really enjoys apple chips and he is not around often enough to use them up.
I did very little work in the Christmas room yesterday, by the time I got my shower during nap time there was very little time to dig in too deep. I think I am an all or nothing sort of person. I want to get it all done at one time I have no patience to have something drag out for days. I have both girls today, Saturday is a bust with the pumpkin patch and a sewing class, looks like Sunday will be spent in the room trying to finish up what I started days ago. grrrrr
AJ the beagle and I hit the chair after supper last night to catch up on the news, next thing I remember was me pushing her to wake up and stop snoring (or maybe it was me snoring) anyway we were in bed by 8:00PM. At 4:00 AM we were both up wide awake ready to start the day, I am going to regret this early morning come about 3:00 today when the little ones are at their peak!!!
Not sure why you can't make comments on the blog right now, fro the life of me I can't figure it out. It could be that I have been using the laptop instead of the PC to blog on but that shouldn't make a difference I wouldn't think.


  1. Oh I can comment today!! Yay! :) Now I need to catch-up! lol! Love your 5 minute do ute dinner, Debby! It's COLD here, I swore I wasn't going to turn on the heat, but I caved. I just can't keep warm, so on it went!!!

  2. I hope to keep the heat off for a few more weeks, our electric bill was down to $134.00 this month, would love to have another one like that