Friday, October 14, 2011

Here There and Everywhere

The photo's above are from Daughter #1 jewelery party last night, she has her house all decked out for Halloween, I don't. I am thinking I will pass on the Halloween decorating this year. I do have some really cute things I have collected or made over the years but the idea of dragging it all out of the attic just to pack it up again then pull down everything for Thanksgiving doesn't appeal to me. The little girls are to young to care, Tyler is so busy in his social life these days he isn't around much and I won't be home for the holiday as we spend it with our Daughters and the grands in their homes for Trick or Treating these days. I figure it is one less thing on my to do list. I might just pull down Thanksgiving/fall and leave it up longer. I'm getting slack.
I have had very little time at home this past week, other than Tuesday when the floor guys were here. I have had to be out and about since last Friday and I will be on the run until Monday of next week I think all the ripping and running around has stolen some of my mojoe, I am such a home body!!
Today is breakfast out with Daughter #3 then home with Kara for a few hours, off to gymboree to return Karsyn's Christmas PJ's (she needs a much larger size) then maybe a little spot cleaning around the house. Saturday is the pumpkin patch with Kara in the AM then Karsyn's 1st Birthday party in the afternoon in one of the worst days for traffic all year (NASCAR race, Renaissance festival, along with MAJOR road construction) Sunday is a 6 hour tee shirt quilting class that I am looking forward to but I so long to just be home and enjoy the fall weather!! Thankfully I have been turning down lots of engagements and get together's lately because the calender was getting mighty full, if I can hold on until Monday I will get back to my regularly scheduled life!!
Do you ever have times where you want to just be home, lock the doors, turn off the phone and just be? I need to do a better job of carving out time to be at home. This time of the year until Christmas can get overwhelming with all of the festivities I hate felling frazzeled. I have declared next Monday and Tuesday as at home, off the roads, enjoy some quite time, get in a little sewing and organizing around the house days. It's time to back out a bit and stop being a people pleaser!!


  1. The house looks great! Ours is "partially" decorated, if it would stop raining 24 hrs straight we could probably accomplish more! lol! The t-shirt quilt class sounds great! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I always thought those would make a great "memory" quilt! :)

  2. I made some tee shirt quilts years ago for our Daughters High school silent auction, they sold in the hundreds but I just made up the design. When I take a class I always learn a simpler more polished look to things. Hubby has tons of Harley shirts that need to go but he can't part with the tee shirt quilt will be a Christmas gift and the added bouns is his colset will be cleaned out!!