Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Knocking it out a little at a time

Halloween decoration for Daughter #1, Its hard to make it out from this photo but it is a spider web with a spider hanging from it
Top of the spider web
A friend made the spider web above that I had to copy because it was so cute, easy and cheap, no matter what I tried I can't get a good photo of it :( Here is what it is, maybe you can visualize it. Take an umbrella that is already broken, you know where the material has separated from the frame, remove the rest of the fabric then spray paint the frame black. Cover the frame with some spider webbing and hang a spider from the bottom, I added a string of lights just for fun that were on sale for $.99 cents. Hang the whole thing from the handle upside down and you have a fun unique decoration that cost practically nothing. Our Daughter will be hanging this on her front porch, it will look much better than hanging from my ceiling fan!
I wish I could say I finished all my running around yesterday but this cold did me in, I will have to knock out a few more things today or tomorrow. This morning I HAVE to finish up the custom scrapbook. AJ the beagle and I are set up in the family room, maybe I can find something on TV to distract me and keep my rump in one place to complete this thing. I'm not crazy about making blank scrapbooks for others, I like to have the photo's so I can do some cropping, resizing and such to add interest to the album.
Our Christmas PJ's are completed! I had enough fabric to make myself a pair to match, now I need to clean out my PJ drawer and unload some of the crappy things I wear over and over again to make room for the cute ones. I didn't get to any stores to look for a tee to wear with them, that will have to happen on a day I don't feel so under the weather.
You might want to skip this part because I am gonna rant a bit. One of the things I do watch on TV is the news, but since last week when Libya's president (don't know how to spell his name) was killed I have had to turn the news off. I can't stand to see the mob that was beating and eventually executed him in vivid color. What sort of people do this kind of thing, next we get to see his beaten body laying in a refrigerator on display so people can walk by and take their picture with his corpse. I don't find this eyewitness coverage news, it is disgusting. We are asking the brave men and woman of our country to risk their lives for this sort of culture, I find it disgraceful. How can we ever win a war or help liberate a country who has moral code such as this. I am a firm believer in a strong military, our country should never be afraid to defend itself but to sacrifice our soldiers for the evil that is being displayed for all to see is too much. Even more disheartening is the commentators and news folks don't seem fazed by the graphic footage, some seem to even imply the Libyan people are justified in the manner he was killed and is now on display. We need to bring all of our people home and let the barbarians have at it.


  1. Sounds like all you need now is a few more hours in your day! ;)

    As for your last sentiment, Amen!! It's time to pull our men & women out & bring them back home safely to their families!

  2. I can always use more hours, can't we all!! I can not beleive the news stations are still running footage of the disgusting display of evil and seem to enjoy and think he got what he deservered, we are turning into a blood hungrey nation.