Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Cute

How cute is this cake plate, it is a Birthday gift from AJ the beagle's Aunt Debbie, LOVE it. Thank you my dear friend!
I went out yesterday morning with a friend for breakfast then on to some running around we both needed to get done, it turned into a 11 hour marathon. Needless to say not a whole lot got done around the house! However I was able to knock out countless errands that needed to be accomplished now and in the future.
First stop was to exchange a bracelet Daughter #1 gave me for my Birthday for a larger size and add a few charms to it Hubby wanted me to buy as a gift from him. Holy Hannah that stuff is expensive. I'm not a jewelry person, my wedding rings and a watch are about it, of course no southern lady worth their weight would not have some pearls tucked away but they only come out for special occasions. The good thing to come out of the new bracelet is our big girls now have something to buy me each year. Daughter #1 requested a charm for Karsyn's first birthday gift, knocked out two errands on one shot but the cost was shocking.
Do you every have times where you are just ticking away at the frugal living thing, your focused and on fire then suddenly the floodgates of spending seemed to open up and the money starts rushing out? Ya, you know what I'm talking about right?
Next stop was the mall for my friend to update charms on her bracelet to celebrate the arrival of her first Grand (she has a different brand than mine) Gymboree was on the path to the jewelry store, Kara needed a new outfit to wear to the pumpkin patch/hayride next weekend. Just a quick stop, (Ya, right). I went ahead and picked up the grands coordinating Christmas PJ's, the mall is my LEAST favorite place to go, better get them while the getting was good.
On to the "grouchy" fabric store that was in the area, I needed shashing and border fabric for a class I am taking Sunday. I didn't get distracted by the bolts of new arrives, but I didn't pay attention to prices, I needed to get in and get out. Costly mistake.
Daughter #1 needed a 9 inch red ball or something to use as a head for a hungry caterpillar center piece she is making for Karsyn's upcoming first Birthday. Off to AC Moore to pick up the supplies.While cleaning out the living room I found my Dad's military burial flag that I had forgotten to get a case for,in the buggy it went along with "Baby Bubba's" Christmas stocking kit (I'm sure by Christmas 2012 I can get it finished) and a black wreath I needed to make a Christmas gift with.
Next stop was Target for my buddy to pick up some Birthday and Wedding gifts. Could I just wander around with my hands in my pockets....of course not, I found a perfect Christmas gift for Daughter #2.
I woke up this morning with a shopping hangover, GRRR
Thankfully days like yesterday are rare!!! A few years back it was the norm. I don't really have any regrets from my wild shopping yesterday but I could never make our goal of saving 35% of take home pay this year if I had many blow outs like this. I need to buckle down and get the spare room cleaned out to inventory my Christmas gift stash, but I have so many days already filled to the brim with gotta do's for awhile I just can't carve out any time to get to it until maybe the end of next week. I like some white space on my calender and in my day, how did this overspending and over committing happen?


  1. Sounds like we're both up the wrong creek with no paddles! lol! Ive been the same way which is why I've just set a crazy savings goal for the next 2 weeks! What's a little crazy amongst friends though, right?! ;) lol!

    The cake platter is gorgeous!! There is no cake of mine that would be pretty enough to sit atop that! lol!

  2. I wanted to join in on your no spending the rest of the month but I hate to fail at a goal so I'm not gonna even try. I soooo hope things will settle down soon, I'm not enjoying the crazy spending and pace of life right now!!