Thursday, October 6, 2011

I made the time yesterday to play with Christmas scraps
I saw a photo of a mug rug at that was just to cute, so I gave it a try. I used grommets instead of buttons as they had done because I hate to sew on buttons. I'm thinking I need to order the labels they sell to finish them off, however I might just embroidery some sort of Christmas thing instead (use what you got)
Our wood has been delivered for installation next week, not sure how they expect me to unload the glass from the curio cabinet when they stacked the boxes in front of it.
I completed all but one of my to do's yesterday but I'm not gonna beat myself up over it. Getting a drivers licence took 2 1/2 hours, that's my excuse for not mopping the downstairs, of course it is now the number one thing on today's top 10 to do's. Then I was off to replace bobbins for the embroidery machine that my husband stepped on and broke when he was home, I was able to get in and out without purchasing any fabric, that doesn't happen often, take away another 2 hours of the day driving to and from the quilting store. I was pleasantly surprised that the DMV folks were not as nasty as they usually are but it makes me wonder is waiting in line over 2 hours what our new Obama health care plan will look like if it doesn't get repealed?
Today I have 10 more to do's that will take up the day and evening, I have Karsyn today so many things will have to wait until she goes home to Mommy. A biggy for me yesterday was getting the freezers cleaned out. I now have my list of things we are getting low on so I can start clipping coupons again and watching the sales, fall is a great time to stock up on baking items. We are down to 8 pounds of butter, the last time I bought butter was in the fall last year. Our beef is holding out pretty well, we will have plenty to last until Jan. or Feb. when I pick up our side of beef from the local farm, ditto on pork. The best part of all was to see I didn't have anything mysterious buried in the freezers!! We do have 2 1/2 gallons of ice cream I need to send home with the kids, now that we make our own we have no need for the store bought stuff.
Off to pick up baby Karsyn and a fun filled day of getting it all done so I can enjoy our girls weekend of creating.

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  1. Pong... Just LOVE those "tag" coasters!! Totally going to have to try that!! :) Hope you got your list done! Have a great weekend! :)