Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Floor is in!!

Lovin the new Living room floor
Inside of purse
One of the many projects I wasn't able to finish this past weekend is now complete
I love when a day goes as planned, it doesn't happen often so I am celebrating tonight with my feet up and catching up with the depressing news on TV.
The floor folks showed up at 7:30 this morning ready to rock, thankfully I finished moving everything out last night so they could do their thing. The floors turned out so nice, one less room with have carpet to deal with. I think we will end up throwing a cheap rug of some sort in the middle of the room this winter to keep our tootsies warm and keep down some of the echo. As I am putting everything back in the room I am doing a clean out, there isn't really much to get rid of since I unloaded one of the large chairs already but the desktop PC amour needs some major attention. That will be first on the to do list tomorrow. Since the carpet is gone the windows look a little bare with only blinds, why is it when you make one improvement it leads to many more?
While the guys were installing the floor I got busy making a purse for AJ's surrogate Mom who watched her while we were on our Anniversary trip. The pattern called for a jelly roll but I decided to use fabric I had on hand, lots of cutting and piecing involved but I like how it turned out. I put together a tab with a fabric covered button to use as a closure if Aunt Debbie thinks she wants one later on, not sure why the pattern didn't call for a snap or something. While I was cutting up material I went ahead and got 2 more purses ready to assemble for some gift giving later, now to decide what to make with the bits of leftover fabric. It feels good to use some of my fabric stash. I need to use up lots more, my assigned shelf's for fabric in the scraproom are stuffed. Carla over at 1/2 dozen daily has a great post on decluttering around the house. I have been working towards paring down around here for over a year now, it is incredible how much STUFF seems to be lurking in every nook and cranny. My goal for October is to clean out any bits an pieces in the living room then on to the spare bedroom where I have been collecting Christmas gifts, there is a whole lot more than Christmas gifts squirreled away in that room!


  1. The new floor looks great! We need new floor also.

  2. Love the floor!! It's beautiful! :) The bag is SOO pretty!! Well done!