Sunday, October 30, 2011

Digging in the dirt with the boys

Sweet Potatoes before
No tater can be left behind
carrots before
Carrots after
Hubby and Tyler helped me dig sweet potatoes and pull one of the beds of carrots Saturday before we get a hard freeze, nice to have some guy help around the place for a change!! The rest of the day was hanging around the house with our little man just having fun, we miss our time alone with Mr. Ty boy so when it works out we steal him for the day.
Sunday has been Kara day, lots of "Dickle Dickle" (tickle tickle) with Papaw then to mommies work to show off her Cinderella costume. The little girls are so funny dressed up in their costumes, they act like they really are little princesses. Hubby thankfully fits in his "Angry Bird" costume, no need for me to rip out seams and add a little or fabric.
Tomorrow will be filled with lots of cooking and baking getting ready for Halloween with the whole family. So looking forward to whipping up some goodies with my favorite bowl licker (is that a word?) hanging around the kitchen.

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