Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Day's

Tyler had more interest in the tractor than anything else, He is his Papaws boy!
Karsyn so wanted to get her hands on the baby goat, how darn cute are these little girls!
Ms. Karsyn
Saturday started off bright sunny and cold, perfect day to meet for a big breakfast then on to the pumpkin patch and hayride, until.......
Daughter #3 called to give me the Dr report on Kara. Kara began breaking out in a rash Friday afternoon on her trunk, she had been running a low grade fever for most of the week, by Saturday AM she was covered from head to toe. Diagnosis... measles from her booster shot the week before. Holy Hannah. It should all clear up in a few days and she will be fine but she needs to be watch closly NO PROBLEM!!
Next dilemma Daughter #1 is big time prego, measles and pregnancy don't mix so it was a call to the OB, since Daughter #1 is in her last trimester they said she would be fine, the other little ones are up to date on their shots so hopefully once Kara recovers we will be done. Poor little Kara.
I had a sewing class to make Christmas PJ's in the afternoon, was it 12:00 or 1:00? I don't have a fancy phone that I can look at the Internet so I called a friend who I knew would be close to her PC to check the time for me, it was listed as 10:00!!! What the hey, that can't be right, I paid for the class on Monday in the store, looked at the website on Wednesday to get the supply list that wasn't posted then called the store on Thursday to get the supply list, no one ever said the class time had been changed. So I called the store to see if maybe they had added the AM class and that the afternoon class was still a go. Nope due to the traffic problems we are having in the area and requests for an earlier time they changed the class, no phone call or e-mail to update the customers. She informed me they had the right to change or cancel classes as stated clearly on their website, I should have checked the website to see if there had been a change, no refunds for missing a class. Talk about customer service, these people take the cake, the ladies working in the shop are wonderful, the owners are terrible and have been since the store opened over the summer. I am to say the least done, I have a $20.00 coupon I will be using this morning, I hope to spend $19.99 and walk away never to return. I know how to make PJ's but have never done french seams, that was pretty much the only reason I was taking the class to begin with.
Before we hung up I informed the store owner that I might be out the $35.00 for the class but I saved myself 1/2 of a tank of gas and $100.00 I was sure to have spent after class when I would find something I couldn't live without, she could have cared less. Turd
I spent Saturday afternoon cutting and sewing in my own peaceful home with college football as my background noise ROLL TIDE. I have now completed, not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of PJ's and the 4th pair is ready to whip up today after I spend that durn $20.00!!!
I am off for a day of errands, one of my least favorite things to do :( Hubby needs an additional prescription drug picked up and mailed to him, need to order the food for Daughter #1 baby brunch and check out the room we will be having it at to see what sort of decorating will need to be done, pick up a can of black spray paint for a Halloween craft, and look for a tee shirt of some sort for the big girls to wear with their Christmas PJ's, if time allows and I get feeling creative I might alter the tees in some way for the big girls.


  1. Eek!! That happened to my daughter after getting the chicken pox vaccine as well! Thankfully it was a mild case, but all the same, you always want to watch carefully! Hope everyone stays, & gets healthy quickly!

    I hope you'll show pics of the pjs!! I'd love to see them! :)

  2. Will post PJ photo's this week, It was after dark when I finished them up today