Monday, October 17, 2011

It's a start

Not much to show for 6 hours of class time!
The tee shirt quilt class was informative and well worth the $$ spent to learn the tricks of the trade however we never took our machines out of the cases :(. I felt so sorry for the instructor that no one was able to get a single thing pieced, the store takes great pride in their classes, rarely do you leave class with an unfinished project. The snag came in that we only had 3 irons and ironing boards for a class of 15. Each shirt had to have stabilizer ironed on once we did the first sloppy cut, lots of waiting around for a turn at the irons.
I was able to get a lot more done once I got home yesterday evening but I don't know how I will get around to piecing the quilt. I have the little girls for an extra day tomorrow so I will have to get the thing pieced or move and rearrange the squares into another room. Piecing a quilt was not on the 10 to do's list for today, time to drop back and punt I am thinking. I can only hope piecing the thing will go much more quickly than doing the cutting out!!!
The secret of the construction is using a mesh stabilizer in each quilt square, that is also the hidden cost that has put this quilt in the category of the most costly quilt to date. I've used $70.00 in stabilizer alone so far, grrr. If you were working with normal size shirts the cost would be cut in half I would think, however I am working with 2XL and 3XL shirts here folks so my quilt squares are 14 1/2 and 16 1/2 inches wide, the length varies in size according to the pattern on the shirts. To and a little interest I am cutting up a few shirt fronts with pockets and spent a crazy amount of time seam ripping some of the collars to use the Harley Davidson tag from the back. So far I unloaded around 30 tee shirts from hubby's closet to use, sad to say it didn't make much of a dent in his tee shirt stash but something is better than nothing right?
So here is my new plan of action for the day
1.) Give the house a lick and a promise
2.) Plant the garlic
3.) Finish painting the pumpkins for Daughter #1
4.) Throw something to eat in the crock pot
5.) Work my tail off on piecing the quilt so I don't have to start all over on the design

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