Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet Deal

Yesterday after hubby headed back north I set up the sewing machine and began working away at "Baby Bubba's" quilt, just as I was getting into a good rhythm Daughter #1 called to see if I would shop for a dining room set with her. The answer I wanted to give was no, however that's not what we Mom's do, so I responded "Sure head on over we will hit the warehouse sale"
I am REALLY not a shopper, to me shopping is making a list of what we need, investigating the best deals around then going in for the kill and getting the heck out. Daughter #1 is a SHOPPER, to her shopping is entertainment, I knew my day was doomed.
We live in the furniture capital of the US area, there is no need to pay full price for anything furniture related!! This time of year is the end of the market showcase so you can get pretty good deals on odds and ends from last years market samples. The clerk let us know right off that their inventory was low but the new sample pieces would be in next week...humm could be some super deals I am thinking. I ran into the chair pictured above that was marked down from $1,099.00 to $699.00 also a nice chest of drawers that Daughter #2 needed for her bedroom that was marked down to under $300.00. Now the wheels were turning. I have been needing a new chair for the den for a few years now but my chair is so broken in that I haven't wanted to part with it. My sweet hubby who doesn't pay attention to much in the decorating department until Christmas time has been making fun of my poor old chair for awhile, today just might be the day to put the old girl to the curb. We didn't find a table and chairs that Daughter #1 was interested in but we did find a chair that was perfect for "Baby Bubba's" room at a great price.
I talked to the clerk a bit about the new shipment that was coming in then we got down to the prices listed on the pieces we were interested in. Right off the bat she took $50.00 off "Baby Bubba's" chair, OK sold, how about the chest of drawers? Yep $50.00 off as well. We loaded the chair into Daughter #1 SUV for her hubby to unload then I was back at the store for the chest in my SUV for Daughter #2. By the time I returned to the store I was ready to make a move for the leather chair if the deal was sweet. It took a call to the owner who was still at the furniture market but I got the price of the chair down to $550.00!! That's half off, well worth the money. Of course the chair, ottoman and chest wouldn't all fit in my car so after 2 trips back to the store and lots of lifting and moving of furniture at home AJ the beagle and I settled in for the night in our new chair.
I had moved the old chair and ottoman to the kitchen until I can get it to Daughter #1 house next weekend for their neighborhood yard sale, seems AJ the beagle doesn't care for leather so she spent the evening in our favorite chair alone in the kitchen. I have hopes that once the old chair is out of the house AJ will take a liking to the new one so we will have a place to snuggle at night together. I am contemplating unloading a few more big pieces of furniture around the house this morning, we have accumulated to much over the years that we have no use for and are just taking up space. I'm thinking a pot of chicken and dumplins could coax the Son-In-Laws to haul it all to the garage sale.


  1. Love the new chair!! It's gorgeous! We really need a new leather recliner, hubby's is so worn in, looks horrid! lol! Maybe I'll have to drag you furniture shopping with me too! ;)

  2. Head on down, we can find you a deal and have some time to knock out a sewing project or two!