Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's always something

I took a few breaks yesterday to work in a set of coasters
My plan of spending the day in the spare room in PJ's all day didn't work out the way I planned but that's the way it goes some days. Hubby called to ask if I would pick up his prescription and get it in the mail. I could have waited until today and stuck with my original plan to dig into the mess in the spare bedroom but that would mean I would have to load up the little girls and drag them into the post office. Now the little girls are always up for an outing they love throwing things at each other in the car and a ride in the twin stroller attempting to grab everything within reach is a heck of a fun game but I'm not up to it!!
I did get a pretty good start in the room, with any luck I can dig in again this AM when the girls go down for a nap, maybe by tomorrow I will have things in order! While I was running up and down the stairs putting things in the right place from the spare room I decided to load the embroidery machine with some Halloween coasters, I know the machine well enough now that I don't have to watch it make every stitch and I got the fabric for Saturday's class washed, dried and ironed so the day wasn't a total loss but I do long for a day to just hang out at the house in my dirty tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants!
Hubby and Tyler now skype at night before Ty heads to bed, they decided last night that Papaw should be the "fat red bird" from the angry birds game Tyler likes to play. Daughter #1 told me Wally world has the costumes in adult sizes for a pretty good price, the problem is that my sweet hubby is a size 3XL. I have added a trip to Wally world to my ever growing lists of family requests, I'm thinking maybe I could buy 2 adult costumes then sew them together to get something Papaw would fit in. My family has no idea the cost of fabric, it really has gotten out of sight expensive if you don't get in on the sales. I wouldn't even venture to guess the price of making a costume from scratch for a angry chubby red bird in a 3XL


  1. I would pay good money to see your Harley man in an angry birds costume!!!! ROTFL!!! He must be a great sport, my husband would never wear a costume like that! lol!!

  2. The man will do anything for the kids!! I will be posting photo's of him in his angry birds outfit free of charge!!