Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Special Treat

AJ the beagle and I are in the bed early tonight after a dose of NyQuil with Billy Graham's newest book "Nearing Home". I hope the NyQuil will ease this cold a bit and I know Mr. Grahams book will sooth my soul. I wasn't much for Mr. Billy in his early years, he was a bit too fire and brimstone for my taste but over the last 20 or more years I can't help but snatch up anything he or his late wife writes. Their home is only a short 2 hour drive from our house, his boyhood home is of course just a few minutes away, he feels like an old neighbor!! I also picked up a cook book (big surprise!) but that one will have to wait for another day, tonight it's just me and Mr. Graham.
Today was use up some gift cards I have been hoarding from my Birthday. I hit the quilting store first to pick up stabilizer for the embroidery machine (Christmas cards should be super special this year) along with using my gift card, (thanks Val) I qualified for a free Christmas program $79.99 value, score one for the home team!! Then I was off to the book store to use an additional card. I have a good size pile of gift cards, customer rewards vouchers and freebie deals to use but until I can knock out this cold my energy level can't hold up to the rigours of shopping the deals. Both of the books I purchased today were 30% off with an additional 10% off from our family membership card so I still have a few bucks to use later on.
Tomorrow is my Karsyn day, I need to get her to the pottery shop to start her 1 year old serving dish, if I can find the energy to lug the little chunky monkey to the store we will give it a shot. Karsyn is wide open, this should be a real adventure!!!


  1. Aww... Hope you're feeling better, Debby!! ((hugs)) Enjoy your book!

  2. Thanks, love our grands, but hate the grems they bring in!! Ha