Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tyler's Christmas quilt is coming along, another 5 or 6 hours should finish it up
I cut out 2 tree skirts yesterday (got board quilting) then cut up some of the scraps for a cute extra project, maybe today I can play around with it all.
Free motion quilting takes forever! I am close to 1/2 way done on Tyler's quilting, I got board with the whole deal and walked away for a few hours yesterday, I hope to finish up today if time allows. I have the pleasure of renewing my drivers license today. I say that in jest, the folks at DMV must have training in being nasty to customers or maybe they naturally seek out such mean people. Then it's back home to at least get a start on some housework, Son-In-Law #2 came by last night to remove the 2 chairs I wanted to get rid of along with some dust bunnies we found the family silver! Really I'm not kidding, when I converted the dinning room into a nursery/playroom for the little girls I must have shoved the silverware chest under the living room chair for safe keeping and forgot about it. Now to find a new hidy hole to put it in that I will remember so we can use it for the holiday's.
Carla over at 1/2 dozen daily had a great post on to do lists yesterday, check it out on my side bar. Here are my 10 to do's today.
1.) Drivers license renewed
2.) Bank to deposit refund checks
3.) Post office
4.) Clean out refrigerator/freezer inside
5.) Clean out pantry
6.) Work on Tyler's quilt until I get board again
7.) Make cute project I found on line using Christmas scraps
8.)Vacuum & Mop downstairs
9.) Clean guest bathroom
10.) Clean Guest bedroom

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  1. The quilts coming along nicely! :) I have about 100 things on my list now! lol! :P Funny about your silver, totally something I would do!!