Friday, November 4, 2011

75% off deals!
Christmas cards in the making.

First off I apologize for all the misspelled words in yesterday's post. For some reason blogger didn't save the changes I had made :(

Before I finish packing up the very little decorations I had out for Halloween I wanted to share the deals I picked up at Williams Sanoma.

Set of 4 plates regular price $29.95 sale price $6.99

Pancake molds regular price $ 19.95 sale price $4.99

Spatulas regular price $12.99 sale price $2.99

I ended up buying 4 of each item to put back for gifts. Since we are not home on Halloween these days I like to leave a little gift for the boys next door ages 1 and 4, this year I made up a bag with the spatula's and pancake molds then left them on their front porch. Mom called back the next day to let me know they used the molds for dinner that night, the boys were very impressed with the fancy pancakes! I originally went to the store to pick up some super hero cookie cutters to use on Halloween night, my sister gave me a GC for my birthday that has been burning a whole in my pocket, walked out with 2 bags full on goodies and only forked over $12.88 after tax. I love GC and sweet deals!!!!

I started diligently working on components of our Christmas cards yesterday, 18 done, 20 more to go. The little girls are a bit wild today so I won't be getting anything accomplished until they head home this afternoon, then I will get back on task. I REALLY want my cards ready to go December 1st so all I have to do is add the family photo when "baby Bubba" arrives.

I also need to get my ducks in a roll at nap time today for a shopping marathon list. I have lots of coupons, customer rewards and such that need to be used before they expire, also have a nice stack of GC that I could use if need be, some are only good for this weekend. As much as I hate to shop or be out at night I figure tonight will be better than fighting the crowds tomorrow along with the fact I have Ms. Kara again tomorrow. I SO NEED to get back to a good working schedule I seem to be running here and there but so many 1/2 done things are starting to pile up again, grrr. Next week looks to be another crazy week with voting on Tuesday, teachers workday Thursday and Veterans Day Friday. I am considering declaring a Nanny holiday so I can get things back in order, as much as I adore our big kiddo's and grands I need some me time to get back on track.


  1. You always find such awesome deals!! :) I think a " nanny day" is perfect!! With the girls sick this week, I've taken a few days off as well... gives me some extra time to get stuff accomplished!

  2. I'm thinking Sunday-Thursday is a mini me vacation, hope the family will go along with the plan!! Love your post today, that apron is all MINE!!!! Ha