Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holly Jolly

Fancy Chubby Girls tree is just for fun, I have a few friends that exchange with each other when we can find the perfect chubby girl.
Grands Nativity tree and baby's first Christmas tree, we put each of the grands and big girls first ornaments on these trees
The Grands are welcome to play with the Nativity ornaments, but Nanny's Nativity is OFF LIMITS
8 Stockings are hung, 3 more are under construction, the baskets are full of Christmas toys for the Grands, they even have their own Nativity from Fisher A MUST for every family!!
My kitchen tree holds our collection of Hallmark house ornaments, we are on year 28. As much time as I spend in the kitchen I so need my own tree.
For the next week prepare yourself for Christmas decorations and pictures of "Baby Bubba" We are almost finished decorating, 2 more small trees to finish tonight and the live tree to put up in a couple of weeks. New wreathes are hung outside and hubby finished the few lights we put out and animals for the Grands. I am dog tired today, lots of moving out furniture and stuff to put up tree's then unpacking and decorating followed by vacuuming and more vacuuming, thank goodness for leftovers!! After the last trees are done tonight I will continue to work on the little girls stockings, will they ever be done???????


  1. ooh, I LOVE the idea of a kitchen tree! Your home looks GREAT!!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of trees!! They look awesome & your fat lady tree rocks!! lol!

    I'm debating between the Little People nativity or a Veggie Tales one or the girls!

  3. Thanks Sharon, I have to keep in mind all the little hands around these days so we won't be putting out as much but it still feels like Christmas. The kitchen tree makes me happy!!

    Carla, I haven't seen the other Natvities, will have to check them out for possible future gifts. The only place we have found one was at, they have sets for all the holiday's that they don't sell in the stores. I have sets for each holiday we keep at our home for the Grands, I only bring them out during the holiday. It gives the little ones something to play with thats special for the holiday (less likley to mess with our decorations!)