Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Boy

Tyler 7 days old
Tyler and Papaw with the new train set Nanny had put back for this special night. It was to say the least a hit with both of my boys. Tyler is so sweet, I could hear him asking Papaw "How did Nanny know we wanted this special Christmas train?" Papaw replied "Little man, Nanny knows everything" I tell you my Hubby is brilliant!! HA

Where did the time go? Our little man is already 5 years old.

Tyler is having a sleep over with us tonight so Mommy and Daddy can get to the hospital bright and early, as soon as "Baby Bubba" arrives we will head to the hospital to finally get our turn with him in our arms!! It's hard to believe 5 years have past since Ty boy came into our lives, he changed our world, we will never be the same.

I can remember way back when ladies would go on and on about their grands, I would think wow they must have been crazy over the top when their own children were born if they are this into their grands. HAAAA, that was before God blessed us with our own Grands. Grands are nothing but PURE pleasure and love, no worries over how we will discipline them, educate, feed clothe, potty train, buy cars, pay for college, nada, nothing, no worries at all, just the joy of sharing their little lives. Tomorrow God willing we will have a new little boy to hug and kiss, all he will need from us is to love him with all our heart, we got that covered!!!!


  1. Hi Debby! That first picture is so precious!!! Thank you for your comment on my blog and for adding me to your list--I will do the same on mine. Just one thing is that the link you have here is to my old (and broken) RSS feed. Can you please change it to be http://www.thehappyhomeowner.net/ ? (I changed my domain last week and I've had all kinds of troubles...haha!).

    Anyway, happy holidays to you & your family. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  2. Will do Miss Happy Homemaker!! Can't wait to see what all you have going on in Dec!!

  3. Hmm...when you click on your blogroll widget and then add new, do you have the option to choose "link by URL?" If you do it that way, you just pop in the domain from above and it should pull from there. Sorry it's such a mess--I've contacted Google to see what can be done b/c it shouldn't be this difficult!

  4. Think I have it now, seems to be working

  5. They do grow SOO fast! I love the sweet pics of Tyler & papaw! :)