Monday, November 7, 2011

Nany Time Day 3

Sweater covered pumpkins, still need to add leaves
I took one of the flaps and buttons off the sweater to add to this pumpkin

Dug into the scrapbook stash for a couple of buttons

I used the bottom of the sweater turned upside down on this one for the cute pattern

This ugly thing is for a Harley friend for Christmas, he saw one at the Harley store last summer but wasn't willing to pay the price of $85.00. This thing must weight 15 pounds, the chains, nuts and bolts are from the hardware store, picked up the wreath and hit it with a little black spray paint, total cost under $6.00

Too much of day 3 of Nanny time was spent in the car stuck in traffic, grrr Everywhere I tried to go today was backed up with road construction or wrecks that had both interstates at a stand still. Today was the day I was going to turn in the Harley quilt to the long arm quilter, by the time I was finally able to head her way I heard on the radio there was another wreck on the interstate with back ups for 6 miles. I promptly turned my booty around and headed back home, maybe tomorrow I will have better luck!!

I spent the morning doing more cleaning up and clearing out, then off to do errands UGH. Once I gave up and headed home I got to work on the ugly Harley wreath. The friend who will be receiving this for Christmas is a single guy (bet you could have guessed that) never been married. His home decor is ALL guy! When we go over I feel like I should stand up to potty, he will be gaga over his Harley door wreath. I am gonna make him promise he won't tell anyone I made it!!!!

The other project on for today was to make sweater covered pumpkins, I still need to make up some leaves to add to them but even without the leaves I really like the way they turned out and the price, oh my!! I picked up the pumpkins at the 75% off sale at Michael's for $2.15, the sweaters came from goodwill, 3 for $6.00. I have enough leftover sweater material to make 2 or 3 more sets (Daughters of course now want them). Tonight it's back to the stocking assembly for the little girls and watching some trashy TV. While I have gotten a lot accomplished the past 3 days my list is still a mile long, I hope I can get the majority of things finished up in the last 2 days of me time


  1. The sweater pumpkins are adorable!!! The wreath, well... not so much. ;) haha! But you did a great job of it, our style or not!! You knw what they say, "there's no accounting for taste!"

  2. I know right! His home is a true guys place, he will love the ugly thing! Getting the finisheing touches done of the pumpkins today along with a million other little to do's. CONGRATS on the charity blogging event, it's over the top