Monday, November 28, 2011

Living room tree, most of the tree skirts I use are really table clothes of our Grandmothers or Hubby's Mom, They are only used for Christmas.
Advent house and musical toys on the grands toy shelf. We picked up the advent house a few years back at Pottery Barn outlet for $20.00, I put one M&M in each door for Tyler, the little girls don't know what candy is!!

My splurge for Christmas this year, I have NO business buying any more decorations but he was to cute to pass up and on sale for $19.99

This is one of 2 fireplaces we have on the fire place mantel that Hubby bought for me a few years back. We had to pick up the second one for the grands ornaments "Baby Bubba's" is in the mail on its way, just in time for Christmas. Last year we bought each of our Daughters family's the fireplaces as well, unmarried Daughters is put back until she gets her tail down the isle!!

I somehow finished another Christmas project I wanted to make this year for Daughter #2, I had to change the plan 3 times before I finally gave up and went for easy, just get the durn thing done!!! It was making me CRAZY. Hubby called to invite me to lunch around 10:00, so sweet, I thanked him kindly but passed, I wanted to finish the project I was working on and start something new. After a little hesitation on his part (OH no I hurt his feelings) he spilled the beans, he needed me to bring his reading glasses and watch he forgot this AM. I did meet him for lunch and handed over the missing items, who the heck does his errands when he is on a project! Back to the never ending stocking project.

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