Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exciting Day

Hot rolls and cinnamon buns, hey their made with fresh milled wheat so they are sorta good for you right?
Halloween sugar cookies, used 1/2 white, 1/2 wheat flour
The sugar cookies went FAST
I'm so stinkin excited!! I took the Harley quilt to the free arm quilter today for a consultation (I think that's what its called) I was so nervous that she would reject the quilt since I am such a newbie to quilting.... heart racing, sweating bullets, face turning red. She LIKED it and complemented me on what a nice job I had done on the piecing. I am floating on cloud nine, she gave me the price for the batting and quilting, now I have to piece the backing then return next week to turn it all in so she can get started!! Ya me, the quilt will be ready for Christmas morning.
I received Deborah's buisness card from my favorite quilt shop "Sew Much Fun", they were very complimentary over her work as well as what a nice lady she was. Were they ever right, her work is amazing!! I didn't pick out a design for the quilting, I am leaving that up to her, she after all is the expert in the deal. Here is the link to Deborah's blog "deborahsquilting.blogspot.com", she is new to blogging but already has lots of super cute quilts posted. She also quilts for Amanda Murphys designs, check out her blog on my blog roll for some sewing inspiration.
AJ the beagle and I have our feet up, snuggled under our picnic quilt, I am working on my never ending to do list, AJ is snoring away. AHHH, quiet nights in the fall are such a blessing.

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  1. Of corse she liked your quilt!! Are you crazy girl?! You're awesome!!! :) Can't wait to see it completed!!

    The baked goods look SO good!! Yum!